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Things To Do in Hamilton

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Botanical Garden
rodman6The botanical garden is divided into several areas, and you need to drive in between, but we are walking on foot, nothing is impossible. The last Arburetom Nature Reserve is quite large. There are many hiking trails that can go all the way to the lake. It doesn’t seem to be managed. In fact, the roads are easy to walk (there are gravel roads, sawdust roads, and grassy roads, so natural ), the sign is clear, the viewing platform is old, very old but very safe, there are wooden chairs next to the viewing platform, it is a scenic spot that treats tourists carefully!
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Historical Architecture
M44***33Fortunately, I tasted the cheese and ches made in the kitchen of the Canadian Prime Minister's residence before 1845. It is rare that the basement such as the underground factory, the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom, the toilet, the bedroom, the study room, especially the recreation room, is small and attractive.
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一米qThe African Lion Safari Park, located in the suburbs of Hamilton, Canada, is the largest African wild lion breeding center in North America. The zoo adopts a natural and primitive stocking mode in the wild. Visitors can enter by car or take a designated bus to enter the park. You can get close contact with these beasts.
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National Park
M25***40Very peaceful place, great. If you want to find a peaceful place in nature, then this waterfall is definitely what you are looking for. We went to the parking lot and we sat there for a while and took some pictures. We felt refreshed and relaxed when we left. I felt a must visit. Especially to say that the attraction is free and only costs a few liters of gas.
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M25***40Go inside to see a lot of exhibits and feel the flight simulators. I especially enjoyed being able to visit these planes that have been flying for so many years, it was great and a great day trip to combine the new with the old.
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Nature Reserve
M44***33First of all, the need for tickets is very uncomfortable. Secondly, Wenster’s fall is not as good as the legendary. There is little water and the external viewing platform is not good. However, TWE'S FALL has a bigger drop and water volume, which is more beautiful than webster’s fall.