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Outdoor skiing
蒙赞巴诺桓温蒙赞巴诺桓温There are three snow lanes, low-grade, intermediate, and advanced. Most people are in the low-grade, the snow clothes rented are also much better than Lanzhou's so-and-so, the low-grade staff are also a lot, fell down and someone helped in time, very good, mainly the staff is very enthusiastic, is better than Lanzhou
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M64***66M64***66There is 5D Glass suspension bridge in Fatai Mountain, as a dragon crosses between the two mountains, it has a foot of 369 meters, looking down, the scenery at the bottom of the mountain is full of eye-catching thrills of the high altitude swing, so that you can feel the blue sky is more exciting is the high-altitude drift, the total length of 2600 meters, the drop of 148 meters, far away, It's like a dragon tray lying on a mountain! There are rainbow slides in the scenic area, people slide down from above, like passing through a rainbow! Every experience lets you experience the real speed and passion! Follow a hand-painted map, don't have too much fun!
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Water Park
M27***72M27***72The experience is very good, it is recommended, the scenery is good, interesting and fun. The swimming pool generally feels much better than the swimming pools in Lanzhou New District and West Happy Garden. The most important thing is that there is a circle of drifting pool around the swimming pool. You can take your own swimming ring to play. Great experience
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D36***95D36***95take the Bus from West station in Lanzhou to liujiaxia, the ride is about 1 hour and the fare is RMB 50, get of at Liujiaxia Reservoir. leave Lanzhou early as during low season the transportation by speed boat from the Reservoir to the Bingling Temple can take time, you need to wait until it is full, 8 person or charter it for RMB 1800. the ride on the river is about 1 hour and you reach the entrance to the Bingling Temple, the fee here is 75 RMB, if you want to see the 2 grottos 169 & 172 with amazing drawings and sculptures the admission is an extra 300RMB. the history of this temple goes back to 1600. the speedboat driver will give you 1 hour time before he heads back, if you exceed the time he might ask you for extra money. We enjoyed our trip very much and lots to see.
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_We***79_We***79#The site itself:Although less decorated than Mogao Grottoes, the Bingling caves are really worth the travel thanks to the nice walk through plenty of small caves at the bottom of the cliffs and it's >26m meters high Buddha niched right into it. #Get there:From Lanzhou you can catch a bus to LiuJiaXia from West Bus Station (兰运集团兰州汽车西站) preferably in the morning to have enough time. Ask the driver to stop once close to the Tourist Center (黄河水电博览馆) at LiuJiaXia. There you can take a boat to the site, speedboat takes 1 hour, normal boat 2-3 hours. Good to know: boats only leave once full and you have limited time on the site to visit before returning on the same boat (60-90 minutes).Alternatively you can hire a driver from LiuJiaXia to Bingling Si (60-90 minutes drive) for around 250-300 RMB and enjoy as much time you want.
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滇国剑客滇国剑客Very well, in the Yeliguan National Forest Park of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, under the big tone of forest cover, many wild fruits and flowers, also in this natural environment, found the growth "opportunity".

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