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92 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客Huangpinglangdong forest hot spring, with deep tourist attraction, but, speaking of enjoyment, still have to count the hot spring water here, the water body is especially suitable, so, by the majority of consumers like.
26 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
小丑女oAn ancient town with a high cost performance, this town is a small town where the locals live, that is, some of the original buildings are preserved, and there is the way life is now! Where to live for a month, you must eat mutton powder 😂 every day! The pace is very slow, and you will find such a place to rest every year! Very comfortable!
22 Reviews
118***97Today I visited the Tianfeiyun Cliff, the first cave in southern Qiannan. I checked various websites before leaving. I didn't introduce a lot of information and photos. I think it can be called the first cave in southern Qiannan. It should be worth visiting. The Yuetan Temple was built in 1443 in the Ming Dynasty. The gate is towering and vicissitudes of life. The ancient buildings in the temple are embedded in the stalactite mountain. The two are perfectly integrated and integrated. The Guanyin Temple is on the mountainside, which is actually a natural semi-open cave of stalactites. The corner of Shen's tablet was cut off and stood silently. Drilling into the caves of stalactites, you can experience the danger and excitement of mountaineering with stone steps of different heights and widths. You can squeeze through several low caves. Thinking of the big fat man, it is estimated that it will be very difficult to pass, and he actually detoured from the Guanyin Temple to Feiyunyi the back of. There are towering ancient trees everywhere, and the green moss on the stone steps of the eaves hints at the history of the "first ancient temple in Guizhou". Huangping County has such a beautiful history! Feiyunya does not need to pay for the entrance fee, at the ticket office You can visit for free if you show your ID card. In Feiyun Cliff, there are inscriptions on stone steles beside the ancient buildings and on the cliffs. Some of the inscriptions on the steles in the Ming Dynasty have been blurred. The crumpled cloud stone stele in the Guangxu period is very clear, and the crumpled writing was consulted by the staff in the temple. The big official hall in the sketch map of the ancient architectural attractions is the Feiyun Station of the year. The lanterns of the Feiyun Station were specially photographed. I imagined how long it would take to fly from the capital city separated by thousands of mountains and rivers to the Feiyun Station. Well... Feiyun Station currently only has ancient buildings, the dragon and phoenix carvings on the door are simple and elegant, and a grandmaster chair guards the door, telling tourists not to enter. Seeing the plaque in the Daguan Hall, I suddenly became enlightened and understood why the small pavilion built by His Highness Guanyin and Yishan was named Xiaoguan Hall. At that time, I imagined it was like a lounge for officials changing clothes. It was very small. I only took a picture of the decoration on the flying corner of the pavilion. Crane Brick Carving. Only the ancient buildings in the Great Buddha Hall of Yuetan Temple still exist, but the Great Buddha is nowhere to be seen. The main hall and the side rooms on both sides have become three exhibition halls, which are the exhibition exhibition of Guizhou ethnic festival culture. Dense old trees obscure the sky, and in the quiet and quiet exhibition hall, you can admire Miao costumes. I heard the gurgling sound of Feiyunya Waterfall, breathing in a lot of negative cations, and felt comfortable and happy. Walk out of the mountain gate archway, walk through the Shengguo Bridge, you can walk up to the water mill house, close to Feiyunya Waterfall. The exceptionally fresh air of Feiyun Cliff originates from this waterfall. The crystal-clear water pool is a karst landform and is attributed to stalactite limestone.
16 Reviews
阿西斯也里迷失It’s super exciting, especially the hole there. It’s super good and it’s a bit exciting. It’s really worth it. It’s a very suitable water project in summer. My suggestion is to prepare one more set, I like it, and it’s worth going.
13 Reviews
M22***38Yangquan Reservoir, take a van to a few friends to see the pear blossoms and peach blossoms on the mountain during the Qingming season, the mountains are dotted with green, a mountain is connected to a mountain, there is a road to the reservoir, the river is in the river bend, and the water is green on the road It’s good to take photos through the trees on the roadside. You can have a barbecue at the river bay. The family tour and colleagues are very good and you can have a bird's eye view of the Jiuzhou Dam from the reservoir
1 Reviews
琼joanThe online reservation room arrived at 11 am. The check-in formality was assured that there was no canteen ingredients. We had to drive ourselves to the town to buy it. We bought it at 3 o'clock. The room was not cleaned yet. We asked the front desk and said that we would send someone to clean it. We could only stand outside the door and wait. First of all, it is more than 1 time, and finally after 4:30, you can let the trip. The house is small and very cute. It is that there are many bugs in the evening. My husband didn't sleep well all night. He is helping us fight bugs, like white ants. We came in the wrong season, the farm is nothing, barren, only two children play, a small house behind, a small house and barbecue stalls, as pictured. The cafeteria waiter service is very good, there are more people today, we don't have a barbecue stand, I helped us go to an electric oven to barbecue meat, see the picture. The villa is not high in comparability, the price is too high, and the ingredients are few. I don't want to come again once. The service and other facilities can't keep up, can only be counted as a barbecue point.

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