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wbclawyerMata Lake is located near Qifeng Town in the northern part of Huantai County. It has been planned as Mata Lake Wetland Park. The area of Mata Lake Wetland is relatively large. Summer is here, with lotus flowers in full bloom in the lake and beautiful scenery. There is a large reed wetland nearby. With beautiful surrounding environment and fresh air, it is a natural scenic spot for surrounding residents for leisure and sightseeing.
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City Park
紫七君The first time I went there, it was very beautiful, because it happened to be spring, the weather was very nice, sunny, blue sky and white clouds. The lake is very large, the water is very green, and the lake is full of green weeping willows, fluttering in the wind. A large white apricot blossom bloomed on the hillside, resembling a ten-mile peach blossom forest. There are many peach trees, pear trees, etc. in the garden. They will definitely be more beautiful when they bloom. There is a playground specially built for children, as well as landscapes such as beaches and shells. You can go boating on the lake, the electric boat is 50, the foot is 30, the wind on the lake is quite strong, remember to spread warmth (^V^)
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Water Park
M34***58The water park at home is very fun, the favorite four color slides, sky-high gyrations, big trumpets and wave pools, and shampoo, shower gel and slippers are all free, especially convenient, the environment in the shower room and changing room is also very good, the lifeguard is very enthusiastic and responsible, Had a great time.
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Memorial Hall
yangniziLocated in the southwest Xinli village of Xingtai New Town, Zibo City, Zhongqin Temple is a typical Ming Dynasty building built to commemorate the founder of Wang Shifu, Wang Zhongguang. Aka Wangjia Temple, located in the new town of Xingli Village Street North, Xingtai County, is built to honor the Ming Dynasty Wang Zhongguang. Wang shigemitsu, a letter of ennobu, Shandong new town. Ming Jiajing Jinshi, officials to the left tobe samurai. Since the Guizhou Pingman governor, died in the king, Jiajing emperor "loyalty and compassion" award, and the order of the book of reibu shosho Wushan "loyalty and the country" four characters to commend. In kayo 41 (1562), he was appointed to the king of shigemitsu in eining, Guizhou, and was named 'loyalty and kinsho' with his puppet.
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猴精灵I learned from a local official account on the phone that there is a museum in Huantai. Went in January this year. Take bus 251 from Zhangdian to Huantai Ginza Station. Take a personal ID to visit for free. There are exhibition rooms on the three floors of the Huantai Museum. Exhibits include ancient and modern pottery, tile, bronze, bronze mirror, calligraphy and painting, jade, porcelain, coins, etc. From this, we can understand the glorious history and culture of China and the wisdom and talents of the working people. "Colorful Butterfly World" on the third floor exhibits more than 1,500 species of rare and endangered butterfly specimens in the world, which are also rare in other places.
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Wanshi MuseumZibo,China

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Honglian LakeZibo,China

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Huantai MuseumZibo,China

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Mata LakeZibo,China

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Wang Yuyang Memorial HallZibo,China

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About Huantai

Huantai (桓台) is located at the meeting point between the mountainous area of central Shandong and the North Shandong Plain, to the north of Central Shandong Province, north of Zibo City. Its location places it in the warm humid continental climate. Reed paintings of Mata Lake, grass wickerwork and sugared lotus root are among the well-known locally produced items that can be found here. Famous scenic spots include the Mata Lake Tourist Area, Wang Yuyang’s Hometown Scenic Area and Hongliang Lake Park.

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