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Cultural Experiencial Area
lmc2009Our great motherland is a multi-national country, each nation has its own unique cultural traditions and customs. The Tu nationality is a good song and dance nationality, mainly distributed in the Qinghai Province mutual help county area. Tu nationality style garden shows the Tu nationality song and dance and marriage custom culture to the tourists, worth the careful taste.
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滇国剑客The reason why Beishan National Forest Park has the title of national level is mainly because the forest coverage here has reached the standard of evaluation. Besides, the scenery composed of forest scenery here is not beautiful.
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鼎天立地This scenic spot is far from Xining, about 110 kilometers, suitable for self-driving tour. The scenic spot is not relatively primitive. It is not very primitive. It enters the gate and goes up along a small river. The scenery is general. The air is fresh. There are cattle and sheep on the riverside to eat leisurely. There are many family picnics on the riverside. There is a small parking lot inside and go into the scenic spot. There are several waterfalls in size. Going to the first waterfall is the most beautiful. It is a bit like a waterfall in the small seven holes. After the tour, it is usually enough to use 2.5 hours.
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M41***27I thought of playing in Naton Manor for a long time, but I heard that I didn’t go there. I passed by today and heard the flowers sing in it. For a flower lover, I didn’t hesitate to go in. I went in and sat a small Sister, I asked how much the tickets are. Miss sister said that I don’t want the tickets.
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bluecrane2021.8.8.Ledu Baima Temple It seems that the meaning of the Baima Temple in Luoyang is similar, anyway, the opening part is all new repairs, and there is no explanation of the origin of the temple name. It's kind of like a "little ling lin". There was a cave with two doors on the mountain, but the janitor (well, not a "cavekeeper") knew only the murals, the ages, the contents [sighs]. 5) The Maitreya River has placed the wish of the ancient working people to eliminate the water hazards. 7) Last down, I looked up at a small cave, with only the top frescoes and Tibetan styles. 8) Mashi Tibetan Shengdi: I don't know if it means this small cave. Wait till I get back. # Follow Anny northwest #
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M41***61Huzhu Beishan National Forest Park is a good tourist attraction, suitable for a family to play! Everyone can have time to have fun, especially after eleven. There are red, green, and yellow in the primeval forest. They are very beautiful. The pictures taken are like watercolors!

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Tianyoude International Golf ClubHaidong,China

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Huzhu Beishan National GeoparkHaidong,China

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Yongning TempleHaidong,China

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Nadun ManorHaidong,China

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Beishan National Forest ParkHaidong,China

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Tuguhun DayingHaidong,China

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