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Things To Do in Iwaizumi

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李静静isLongquan Cave is one of the three largest stalactite caves in Japan and a national natural monument. The total length is more than 5,000 meters and is still under investigation. The tour of the open part takes about 30 minutes. The address of Longquan Cave is the third underground lake with a depth of 98 meters, and the fourth underground lake with a depth of 120 meters, which is the first in Japan that has not yet been opened, in the world. Known for one of the best transparency. In addition, there are cave stone curtains, stalagmites, stalactites, cave corals and so on. There are also precious rabbit-eared bats living in the cave.
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烤椰子Sitting on the grassy ground on the Tanasa coast, holding a book or just gazing at the vast ocean, watching the blooming flowers dance in the sea breeze, enjoy the time with yourself, and gain new insights. "The beauty of the years lies in their inevitable passing. Spring flowers, autumn moons, summer, winter snow. If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come. "---I believe this sea will always be silent and blue in the memory of visitors.
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City Park
李静静isMorioka Castle Ruins Park is a park built on the site of Morioka Castle on the hilly area where Kitakami River and Nakatsu River meet. It was selected as one of 100 Japanese urban parks. During the Morioka Sakura Festival, from mid-April to early May, more than 200 cherry trees including the "Somei Yoshino" and "Edo Higan" sakura in the park compete with each other. The paper-covered wax lanterns are lit, and there are many stalls. The flowers are shoulder to shoulder.
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烤椰子Here you can experience the fun of milking cows, horseback riding, and various outdoor activities. The tickets are not expensive. When I went there, it was Sunday. Many families bring their children here. It is a paradise for parents and children. The fresh milk produced on the farm is very distinctive, thick, very sticky, and a bit like yogurt. Foreign tourists come here, of course, for "Koiwai Farm-Honzakura". With Iwate Mountain as the background, there is an Edo-higan cherry tree in the middle of the verdant pasture. Near the "Kamimaru Cowshed", you need to follow the road from the farm ranch It takes 20 minutes to reach the card on foot.
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139***68Lots of people and lots of exhibits, very recommended!
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李静静isAppi Kogen Ski Resort is located in Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture. It is the most popular ski resort in the Tohoku region of Japan. It is located at the golden ski latitude of 40 degrees north latitude. It is connected by Hachimantai National Park to the 1,305-meter-high Maemori Mountain and the 1,328-meter Nishimori Mountain.