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13 Reviews
maychenThis is the second time I came to the Rinku Outlets near Kansai Airport. It can be said that the first time I came, I was confused about what to buy, so the second time I came, the goal was very clear: to find Japan. Clothing brand! Because we are from Sichuan, we are not as tall as the northern girl, and the size of Japanese clothes is quite suitable for us. Moreover, the discounts of Ole are really attractive, the styles are good, the price is cheap, and it is really non-stop.
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Observation Deck
coo***anI have been there twice in April last year, but the weather is good and I can see the city center once. Even a skyscraper, its height is very high, you can see the campus, so you can see the details. According to the weather
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City | ​​landmark
57 Reviews
City Park
fly_me_to_the_moonThe activity starts on time at 9 o'clock. Come to the Songhong Road Metro Station of Line 2 early, and there is a bus that can go directly to Linkong Park. It is so convenient and considerate! As soon as you get off the bus, there are guidelines for staff wearing pink clothes. There are volunteers everywhere in the park. As long as there is a need, they will provide any help, refills!
6 Reviews
大妹dameiIt is worth a visit. There are not many tourists, but the natural scenery is beautiful. The spring water flows down the mountain to form a series of waterfalls and streams. The pool is crystal clear. There are hot springs near the foot of the mountain. When you go down the mountain, go to a hot spring and eat in a hot spring restaurant. If you do, you can also enjoy hot springs for free!

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Roda-gigante Estrela de RinkuIzumisano,Japan

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Mt. Inunaki Izumisano,Japan

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Izumisato Furusato Machiya HouseIzumisano,Japan

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Sky ViewIzumisano,Japan

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Rinku ParkIzumisano,Japan

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Oiseki ParkIzumisano,Japan

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Izumisano Travel Tips

About Izumisano

Izumisano City is an administrative division located in the southern part of Osaka Prefecture, Japan, and the Kansai International Airport is located on an artificial island off the coast. The city attractions include the Ai Paulo Springs Sen Grand Hall, Miaoguang Temple and many more.

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Izumisano Weather

20 Oct, 2021
Mostly Clear
13 ~ 16
21 Oct, 2021
12 / 17
22 Oct, 2021
Mostly Clear
14 / 18
23 Oct, 2021
Mostly Clear
12 / 18
24 Oct, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
12 / 20
25 Oct, 2021
15 / 20
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Izumisano
20 Oct, 2021 Izumisano Weather: Mostly Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 53%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:08/17:19
Izumisano Driving: Suitable, Running: Suitable, Cycling: Suitable

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