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Things To Do in Jiangyin

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天之彼方21Dinosaur Valley is a place many friends of the size of the holy place, especially for the dinosaur-loving boys, it is a dreamland. This time to see dinosaur valley, in addition to dinosaurs, hot springs did not expect to have a surprise, encountered the annual Changzhou light show, early feel the happy atmosphere of the new year. Changzhou Light Exhibition is a variety of lanterns in the square and Dino Water Town, the theme of modern technology and Changzhou features mainly attractions. Such famous attractions as Tianning Temple, Hongmei Park, Dinosaur Valley and other related theme lanterns. And many space technology-themed lanterns are also fascinating, especially a tall astronaut who takes a special look. It takes a second to travel from the Jurassic to the 21st century space age.
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庸人自扰It was too hot that day, the scenic spot was too monotonous, and the health environment was general! It was estimated that the scenic spot was common! Traffic is also not very convenient! I hope that it is optimized now! It is possible to revisit the old place in the future! It should be getting better and better
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BrittaneygovenderI went there last year in April but I would definitely go back. I also really liked the museum as well.
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City Park
小猪罗比"Mountain rings Furong City, the private geese nose-like. The beautiful geese nose-nosed park is located in the northwestern tourist area of the Yangtze River Bridge in Jiangyin, only two kilometers from the city, near the river, due to the mountain range, such as the geese in the river and named. The park covers an area of 350 mu, mainly mountainous, dense forest, wild interest. The park is composed of business and trade service area, riverside tourist area, forest leisure area, Fort Museum area and other functional areas, many attractions, each with a style.
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Observation Deck
LIMUHTo celebrate the 50th anniversary of Huaxi Village’s investment, Huaxi Village is a large-scale super high-rise modern hotel positioned with super five-star standards, integrating tourism, sightseeing, conference, shopping, accommodation, catering, fitness, and entertainment. From the reception desk with a gold lacquer on the 1st floor to the floor with real gold inlaid on the 60th floor, from the one-ton golden bull to the gold bowls, chopsticks, cups and saucers used in the golden clubhouse, every detail of the building reflects luxury. The exterior of the hotel is "three pillars standing on top, the pearl on the top", and there are five themed clubs of "gold, wood, water, fire and earth". The top sphere has 4 floors, the 72nd floor has a sightseeing platform, the 71st floor is a high-end Chinese restaurant, and the 70th floor is a revolving The restaurant, on the 69th floor, houses the world's highest village museum, the Chinese and Western Museum, which can be visited by people from all over the world. It displays the profoundness of Chinese culture, as well as the 50-year development achievements and 50-year roads of West China. At the top of the 61st floor is the bird garden and the botanical garden. In addition, you can visit the Hundred-meter Golden Pagoda, Happy Garden, Farmers Park, World Park, Tianxia Farmer Community, Longxi Lake, Longdong Lake, Shanbei High-tech Agricultural Greenhouse, West China Road, and the special attractions of the Hall of Honor. The whole tourist area integrates fun, cultural, commercial, popular science, and entertainment, and is a symbol of rural urbanization in Jiangsu and China. The tourist area on the first floor is crowded on holidays and the popularity is not too high on weekdays. Local villagers will be issued some hotel check-in coupons to boost popularity.
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风中小荻The guwukong temple, the iconic guwukong temple, "the great saint of zhangzhou", was first in jiangyin, and the chairman of the chinese buddhist association, ichi sei dahe shang, praised the event as "the good omen of national and pacific people's security".