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Historical Architecture
苦海无边,望不到岸Huangcheng Xiangfu, national 5A-level scenic spot, is located in Huangcheng Village, Beiliu Town, Yangcheng County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, the former residence of the Tu and Kangxi Emperor teacher, Guo Chen Tingjing. Here, the pillow is surrounded by water, the walls are magnificent, the Xianglin stands, the government house and the people's residence, and the scale is repeated. The Xiangfu is a ancient building group full of ancient colors and rhyme, and also the most well preserved ancient Xiangfu building group in the northwest region, which retains a large number of ancient buildings, full of the elegant and simple temperament of Chinese civilization, with extremely ornamental and archaeological value.
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wangqi1988Small town nothing fun, mainly various restaurants, but the play is really spectacular, very rare to see, worth a look, mainly the last 10 minutes, the climax is worth the price of the ticket.
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穿白衬衣的薄荷星Jincheng | Super Shock Mountain ⛰ Miracle manual chisel wall road has always enjoyed watching various natural scenery, recently met a place to surprise me! If there is a mountain view 101, I must cast it! This place that makes me crazy is "Wang Mang Ridge" ⛰ Wang Mang Ridge of those things "Don't climb Wang Mang Ridge, you know Taihang Mountain. The world is strange peaks, why must five climb." These two poems do the shock of Wang Mang Ridge, countless big people come to admire, sigh and return. In fact, it was once the place where the emperors of the Western Han Dynasty and the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Xiu, fought against wisdom and courage, so later it was named Wang Mang Ridge. ⛰ These are worth visiting Wangmangling scenic spot. The total area is more than 150 square kilometers. If you want to go through it, you can't finish it all day. If you are tight in time, you can pick a few to focus on 1️⃣ a miracle in the history of road building in the Chinese countryside. This is the local people in order to develop, the original method of chiseling one after another, on cliff dangerous hills and cut the wall road. 💡 Of course, now there is a modern way to increase security based on trying to maintain the original appearance. The green traffic car shuttles there, sometimes appearing and disappearing from afar, very worth seeing! 2️⃣ The cloud sea of Yunhai Wangmangling is very famous. The large cloud sea is wrapped in the mountains of high and low fluctuations, and it is gorgeous and shocking, but it takes luck to see this. Generally, it can only be seen when the rain is sunny. 💡TIPS, Wang Mangling scenic spot opens at 8 o'clock at the earliest. If you are aggressive, you can see the sunrise cloud sea 3️⃣ layers of mountains stacking in this place. In fact, many of the mountains that Wang Mangling sees are famous, but each peak here, each stone together constitute the spectacular mountain view of Wang Mangling. So I don't want to distinguish them (and actually didn't distinguish hahaha). Anyway, I just want to say, come and see! It won't make you regret. ⛰ Practical Information 📌 Name: Wang Mangling Scenic Area 📍 Location: Ancient Countryside ⏰ Time: 08:00-16:00, Lingchuan County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province
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Nature Reserve
苦海无边,望不到岸Enter the core area of the complex scenic area, an ancient blue brick building into the eye, here is the Huaihe scenic area to receive tourists, accommodation and dining Mingxiuyuan hotel. The hotel is integrated with rooms, dining, meeting, entertainment, is a business, vacation hotel. Visitors can enjoy the feast of the oysters, but also can enjoy the natural, local cuisine of the Huaihe River. In addition to eating and living, there are swimming pool, KTV, gym, ball entertainment, bathing facilities, star service standards, civilian consumption, let tourists enjoy the pleasure of training and cultivation while visiting the mountains and waters.
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苦海无边,望不到岸We send away the midsummer, usher in the golden autumn on August 15th, while the climate is suitable for the golden autumn of the cool beauty of the moon night of the mid-autumn full moon and the national day of the joyful song of the mountains, not only beautiful scenery, but also very rich cultural landscape. Many famous high priests have climbed mountains and crossed mountains here, visited ancient times and left deep footprints; many high priests have learned their own rites and practicing their own rites and practicing their own rites and practicing their own rites and practicing their own rites and practicing their own rites and practicing their own rites and practicing their rites and practicing their rites and practicing their The beautiful natural scenery and rich human landscape make Lushan since ancient times have "the first strange mountain of Jin and Wei", more unique is: the peak of twin peaks, the splendid moon, the beauty of red leaves, the quiet canyon, the depth of green lotus, the hero of bridge, is called Lushan "six strange".
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Ancient Settlement
yjw2000Glaze noodles, is a kind of traditional pasta food that has been popular in Dayang Town, Zezhou County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, and is popular among all. It is said that glaze noodles originated from the Zhou Dynasty, which was originally a court food, and then spread to the people, and became a kind of staple food that is essential for entertaining guests. The making technology of the glaze is complicated, the ingredients are exquisite; the glaze is made with bright color, transparent, unique flavor, smooth taste like jade, and a long aftertaste. It is golden, fragrant, boiled and filtered water, add the soup with the red and green vegetable stem mixed or garlic or vegetable dishes, and then sprinkle with the parsley and sesame, its color, fragrance, taste, there is a court royal meal charm, can make hundreds of people at the same time.

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About Jincheng

Jincheng, known as Zezhou in ancient times, is located in the southeastern part of Shanxi Province; it is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. The beautiful natural scenery and the area's long history and cultural heritage have created unique landscapes such as Jincheng's Taihang Mountain. The natural scenery in the area is lovely, and cultural relics and historical sites are everywhere. It is particularly worth mentioning that Jincheng has well preserved ancient wooden structures dating back to before the Song and Jin Dynasties. These include the Huangchengxiang Mansion, the Ancient Village Guoyu, and the Liu Clan Residence.

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