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Things To Do in Kami-furano

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City Park
Observation Deck
suifeng2019Hinode Park is a hilly area. From the top of the hill, you can see the urban buildings of Furano. Behind the hills is a campsite where many Japanese people spend the night in tents. I feel that the visibility of the entire park is not high.
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C-xiao-tongYou must rent a bicycle to come to the ultra-wide-angle road, it can save a lot of effort, although the ass riding is so painful. The most beautiful place on the ultra-wide-angle road is the Four Seasons Color Hill. The large flower fields are much better than Farm Tomita. Leaving the Hill of Four Seasons, there are large tracts of undulating fields. Because the crops in Biei cannot be cropped continuously, the crops are changed every year. The land is fallow, and there are vigorous growth. It is not the same wherever you can see it, and there is no aesthetic fatigue at all.
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_FB***38a very good place for city people who has rare touches to natural things, also very good for families with kids, very organized, no entrance fees, beautiful flowers, many lavender related products and experiences, the city is quiet and not so crowded during late August
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vivienvivienThe hills of four seasons have a vast area of 15 hectares of beautiful flowers, like a seven-color rainbow-like carpet, different seasons, different patterns. Every year from late April to late October, on the rolling hills, tulips, lavender, sunflowers and more than 30 flowers open, far from the view, colorful, like the painter's palette.
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C-xiao-tongCompared to Furano, I like Biei more. Renting a bicycle, riding the super wide-angle road and patchwork road in one day is no problem. Of course, you have to rent an electric bicycle, which can save a lot of effort, but it still hurts to ride. The four seasons color hills on the ultra-wide-angle road can be said to be the most beautiful flower fields in Hokkaido in summer; the undulating farmlands on the patchwork road show the peacefulness and prosperity of the years here. However, remember that these farmlands are privately owned. Don't step on them. The seeds accidentally brought by the soles of your shoes from elsewhere are likely to bring danger to the ecology here.
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Botanical Garden
珍珍吖头Furano Melon & Lavender Icecream Special For Summer ​​​The biggest wish of Hokkaido on this trip is to see the legendary lavender garden at the best blooming season and encounter a romantic purple