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Kensington and Chelsea Travel Guide

Kensington and Chelsea is a city in Greater London, United Kingdom. It has many popular attractions, including Belgrave Square, Walmer Castle, Worlds End, making it well worth a visit.
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Looking for things to do in Kensington and Chelsea? We provide up-to-date info on everything from must-see scenic spots to local hangouts.
The British Museum
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4.7/52,550 Reviews
The London Eye
Nearby City
4.6/52,476 Reviews
Buckingham Palace
Nearby City
4.6/51,673 Reviews
Westminster Abbey
Nearby City
4.7/5888 Reviews
Big Ben
Nearby City
4.6/5856 Reviews
Tower of London
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4.6/5725 Reviews
National Gallery
Nearby City
4.6/5596 Reviews
Tower Bridge
Nearby City
4.7/51,511 Reviews
Natural History Museum
Nearby City
4.6/5399 Reviews
Hyde Park
Nearby City
4.6/5700 Reviews
St. Paul's Cathedral
Nearby City
4.6/5547 Reviews
Victoria and Albert Museum
Nearby City
Where to Stay
Discover the most popular places to stay in Kensington and Chelsea, complete with recommendations from fellow travelers and special hotel offers.

Discover the Real Kensington and Chelsea With a Local Expert

London Food, Michelin two-star Core by Clare Smyth, 92 Kensington Park Rd, London, W11 2PN; this restaurant is now rated as two-star Michelin, located in London near Notting Hill. A friend said into the store feeling is that the main reason people are women. Bar, always delicate, forests also very strong. The restaurant needs to book in advance, I was a month and a half in advance, and then given to the weekday 9:00: 45 position, directly eat the next morning! Getting there at the bar, into the future there is a long table, right side up the stairs is the main dining area, the overall warm yellow light looks quite romantic, open kitchen on the left, you can see the chefs busy. The restaurant has classics, and seasonal set, my friend and I chose a 115 lbs of classics and usual game 85 lbs. On the Isle of Mull scallop tartare Wobble focus on creating a sense of forest and jungle, nest-like pad at the bottom, after the open shellfish design is excellent, very fresh and tender taste coupled with a vegetable stew of green one o'clock, accompanied by green ornament plant! Potato and roe very ordinary potato, do also touches ingenuity! Style is exceptional, and then chose the small potatoes, feeling the moderate hardness, coupled with the surface of herring and trout roe, especially delicate! Skate bottom cod is very fresh. Everything is spread out, and then with butter and Swiss chard, unique design, and taste! Shape Lamb carrot carrots cute, plus grape-flavored pork slices covered last time, next to a white circle, the interior is a green embellishment, though a bit salty to eat indescribable sense of design and, but put create a feeling of nature on the disc unique! Duck and red grapes dish are worth a good talk, do like two leaves boat, duck is a big piece, like a dolphin glass surface embellishment of the ball. The other half is to eat lovely feeling, the whole dish as well as thyme and honey! Core apple dessert apple color value is high. There is an exceptional mousse taste, acidic taste! Pink grapefruit pink grapefruit, slice the surface plus a lot of icing, as well as mud grapefruit and grapefruit slices, sweet and sour combination to the extreme! Sharpham Park spelled chicken oyster taste very special, not too fishy, but also similar to rice as part of caviar tastes good penetration! Wobble like a real bird's nest! Oxtail stuffed Roscoff onion a beautiful dish! Because of the particularly good quality beef, cut to the inside a little red, but especially fresh! I highly recommend this road! Stuffed Roscoff onion a beautiful dish! Because of the particularly good quality beef, cut to the inside a little red, but especially fresh! I highly recommend this road! Stuffed Roscoff onion a beautiful dish! Because of the particularly good quality beef, cut to the inside a little red, but especially fresh! I highly recommend this road!
London Food | London Net Red Thai Churchill Arms Kensington
The ultimate experience of visual feast and taste feast | London Michelin Discovery Dinner in Heston Blumenthal - London's Michelin two-star restaurant, the most favorite caviar salmon, the fourth of the cockroach, actually made of chicken liver, delicate taste to Heiner! The rabbit that does not pay attention to it is said that N is delicious, food and love can not be delayed! Heston Blumenthal is unknown in the British kitchen industry. I will not repeat the information about him here. This genius chef who advocates cooking from a chemical point of view, half-way self-taught, is especially enthusiastic about the cuisine, and his representative restaurant, The Fat Duck, is evident. Donner by Heston Blumenthal, the restaurant in London, has ranked seventh in the world's best restaurants and has maintained two Michelin stars for many years. It has been said that British cuisine has been alive, and the most interesting selling point of this restaurant is that Heston Blumenthal and executive chef Ashley Palmer-Watts (working under Heston when he was less than 20 years old) spent years researching and exploring the UK. The history of food, consulting food historians, anthropologists, and spending a lot of time in the British Library to study British ancient dishes, and then use modern techniques to present ancient dishes, the menu on the earliest can be traced back to the fourteenth century. It turns out that some people really care about food!
Eggbreak 30 Uxbridge St
Mushroom Jun's European Travel UK, London Notting Hill, full of antique Portobello Road has a recipe bookstore to eat ~ called Books for cooks There is a small kitchen in the bookstore. The chef chooses a few dishes from the recipe every day and only sells more than 20 copies. Very cheap, only 7 pounds lunch around to eat mostly neighborhood neighborhoods, from the beginning of the queue, they are busy talking about the day, a little late night kitchen feeling eat Eating and eating, the locals who were smashed the table pulled and chatted together.

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