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Things To Do in Lantian

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484 Reviews
Film Studio
OceanchannnnnnThe only super cost-effective scenic spot in Xi'an! The interpretation is wonderful! Thanks to the wonderful presentation of the staff, the hot day is too hard! The ticket price is really worth it! Bring children to know the living environment of the northwest past, learn the red culture, it is very good! Will come again!
116 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M25***36Friends who like to go to hot springs are worth a visit. If you are convenient in Xi'an or Xianyang, it is a good place to work out a week. It is suitable for relaxing, the environment is good, you can also feel the fresh air, and you can climb the mountain (the mountain is not very high) when you have plenty of time.
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139***13Located in the east of Lantian County, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, the water and land of the town of Wang Shunshan, 10 kilometers, for the six dynasty famous temples, known for the ancient delicate rare colored sculpture, is the treasure house of ancient sculpture art of China, known as "China's second Dunhuang." It is surrounded by water on three sides, shaped like an island, the emperor has a green mountain towering, the Zhou has rivers circulation, so called water and land. According to the research, the original for the Tang Wuzhen Temple of the Lower Court. Ming Dynasty Qin Wang Zhu Huaihe often travel here, because of the scenery, Feng Feng for the Wangfu Buddhist hall, and then extensive renovation. Aquatic and Lulu Xiang is known as the "world's first color wall plastic" called the Buddhist holy place. Originally, Wuzhen Temple of the water and land hall, was held at the time of "Water and Land Daegu" "Water and land Daochang" important place. Ming Dynasty, Qin Xiang Wang Zhu Huaihe spent more than five years, repair for a family temple. More than 3700 clay sculptures preserved in the Metaphor Hall are referred to as "wall plastic gems". The pavilion and pagoda are magnificent, and the sea and sky are flying, dragons and phoenixes are flying, tigers are flying, flowers and bamboo insects are flying, and fish are moving, and it is a real oriental sculpture exhibition hall, and it is an art treasure that contains painting, architecture, music and sculpture. Land and water in Wangshunshan, Xiangchuan tour line, even if only two days on the weekend, can also see the lake and mountains and famous cultural monuments. Daily by Xi'an Railway Station has a special line of tour bus directly, tickets 30 yuan.
44 Reviews
扶疏子Wangchuan Karst Cave in Lantian County, 40 kilometers away from Xi'an City, is within Lantian Wangchuan. Its scenery resembles Penglai and its cave resembles a sea palace. It is known as a great wonder in the northwest. The tour is divided into two holes, "Lingyun and Xishui".
95 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
扶疏子Zhulinpan Ski Resort is located 3 kilometers east of Tangyu Town, Lantian County, Xi’an City, and 45 kilometers away from Xi’an. The slope is 1,000 meters long and 150 meters wide. It has a snowmaking area of more than 60,000 square meters and can accommodate 5,000 people skiing at the same time. The largest ski resort in the city.
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瞌睡虫许西西"The blue water is falling from the thousand mountains, and the jade mountain stands two peaks cold." This is Du Fu Zan blue bridge jade mountain poem. Yushan, Wang Shun mountain is a mountain, now divided into two scenic areas, into two. Wangshunshan scenic area is large, there are many steps. Yushan is mild and a lot. Juyi line is full length 3.2 kilometers. There are fewer stone steps, basically slope. Yuhuangdong to a line of sky, is a primeval forest covered area, good vegetation, wild flowers, shaded sun, cool wind. Free tickets, parking fee 10 yuan. Yushan scenic spot has food and beverage accommodation, good environment, fair price. Day tour route: Lange Road into the mountain, car tour of the ancient road, along the observation platform. Exit 312 National Road, to Yushan scenic area, hiking up the mountain.

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Lantian Travel Tips

About Lantian

Lantian is situated in Shaanxi province on the northern side of the Qin Mountains, close to the provincial capital Xi'an. In ancient times it was renowned for its jade. The fossilized remains of a Homo erectus skull were found here, which provided valuable evidence for research into human evolution. The Chinese film White Deer Plain (based on the eponymous novel) was also filmed here. Tourists can visit the filming location and learn about the area's history. Other popular attractions include Tangyu Bishuiwam Hot Spring Resort and a memorial to the Han dynasty poet and musician Cai Yan.

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