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Things To Do in Muroran

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Geological Sites
110***52Before going, we must confirm the weather, we are very lucky, the sun is shining on the day, directly from the mountain down the walk, the scenery is also beautiful, almost no one, after the Golden Screen, not far from the earth. The earth's murky scenery is truly amazing, the view can be infinitely extended, the horizon is the horizon, the white lighthouse stands on the seaside, lonely and small, at this time can put all the distractions behind the head, completely empty.
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Ornamental Hot spring
Leow Cheng LamHell Valley is volcano where you can see the hot water and volcanic gas gush out. This is a popular and famous tourist destination.
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周游列国The Shiratori Bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in northern Japan, with a total length of 1,380 meters. The bridge is white across the sea, like a swan spreading its wings (Shiratori means swan in Japanese). On both sides of the Shiratori Bridge are the harbor and Muroran's large iron smelting plant. The shooting in the distance is very impressive. Near the Shiratori Bridge, especially the Muroran Aquarium, there are many viewing platforms and relatively good shooting locations. How to reach: Get out of Cape Earth, return to the bus station of Cape Earth, and take the bus to the aquarium (note that the bus stop sign and the car body indicate "Aquarium Economics" or "Zengshitong Economics"), to the front of the Aquarium You can overlook the Shiratori Bridge. If you are short on time or worry about getting lost, you can take a taxi to these two places. About 3,000 yen. Opening hours: Return to Mother Love Station on the same road all day, take the 13:22 train to Higashi Muroran Station, then transfer to the special-grade Beidou No. 10 to Hakodate (open at 13:37). There is not much time to transfer here, so you have to wait at the door in advance, pay attention to the platform of Beidou 10, and then drive!
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E32***73A quiet little village. Explore the crater and get a bird’s eye view of Lake Toya via Usuzan ropeway.
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City Park
Observation Deck
分享日本生活的包包On the day I came to Otaru, I came to the Zhujin Observatory specially. Because the scenery here revitalized the nearby hotel, it was going to close down. It was because the scenery was publicized. Many foreign tourists moved in and the business was booming~
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CalvenCThis is probably the closest I've ever been to bears, bears are used to being fed, and once they find food, like people, each bear stands firm, protects its own territory and grabs food, and can buy bears' products.