New Brunswick
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Things To Do in New Brunswick

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_We***07Moncton is located in Westmoreland County, New Brunswick, Canada, on the banks of the Ke River in Petike, and is known as the most hospitable city in Canada. As it is located in the center of the Canadian maritime province, Moncton is known as the "central city" and is the second largest city in New Brunswick. The museum is a very good museum, and it's free. It's free, free, free, and important things are said three times. It is recommended to play with family and parents, so children can learn a lot. Broaden children's horizons and let them feel different things.
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圣热尔韦昂瓦列尔周勃Fundy Bay, the bay with the highest tide level and the largest tidal range in the world, is located in Fundy National Park in Nova Scotia on the west coast of Canada. This year is the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada, so all national parks are free. Looking at the sparse tourists on the shore, a Canadian friend said: It’s the peak season and there are many people
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悠然物语There is a little meaning here. It is said that when the vehicle is driven to the bottom of the slope and the engine is turned off, the car will slowly return to the top of the slope from the bottom of the slope under the action of magnetic force. When we went to play, the vehicle was indeed like this, but the tour guide said that it was just a visual illusion. The use of the environment made our eyes mistakenly believe that the downhill we saw was an uphill, so we thought the vehicle itself went from bottom to top. Sliding is actually the effect of gravity sliding from top to bottom.
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e21***17The longest wooden covered bridge in the world—the Canadian Hartland Bridge is in New Brunswick, Canada. It spans the St. John’s River and connects the two towns of Hartland and Somerville. The total length is 391 meters. This bridge was built in 1901. It was not a covered bridge at first. It collapsed in 1920 and was rebuilt in 1922 to form a covered bridge. It can be passed by carriages, horses and pedestrians. In 1980, it was listed as a national historical relic of Canada.
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乖小咪This lighthouse is a famous lighthouse on the seaside of St. John. It is located on the edge of a cliff. It looks very dangerous. It faces the sea and the scenery is very open. You can see him from a long boat ride on the sea. He is also one of the symbols of Saint John.
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National Park
juki235Fundy National Park is an important tourist attraction in New Brunswick, Canada. It is the most ideal place to watch the world's tide west. The tide of Minnes Bay here is very huge, sometimes as high as 15 meters. People are very shocked. At low tide, a large number of conch shells will be left on the beach, which will attract a large number of tourists to pick up here, which is very childlike.