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Things To Do in Pingtang

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M29***52As for the nature of the eye is relatively boring, like the accompanying guide said, is a large pot, high-tech things we ordinary people do not understand, in short, it is the representative of the comprehensive national strength of the country today is the strong. The few venues outside are still quite ok, but the tickets are quite expensive if you buy them all. I bought 386 venues and experienced them all. Basically, the structure of the sky eye, astronomical common sense and so on. Interested students can spend money to experience, after all, it is not easy to come all the way to this mountain ravine. If you buy tickets for the Space Exploration Gallery, you must go to the second floor to play the space ring, that is to train the astronauts 360 rotating ring, the most interesting scenic area is this. Other fast observation experiences, ball curtain flight theater, sky elephant theater is so true, you can taste the ball curtain without seeing it. And the price is really not low, you choose it yourself.
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滇国剑客Zhangbu Scenic Area in Huainan, this is a place to play with endless fun, no matter the fog, forest, flowers, bamboo forest, will use different ways, to travel to show different scenery of the tourists.
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占姆士A prefect hide out from the city, love it. I will go back to the place again.
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滇国剑客Pingtang is a good place, green water green hills, beautiful scenery, and, change the viewing angle, the meeting has different harvest, which means that many tourists love this place to travel.
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chaojileThe Pingzhou River in the east of Pingtang County is the county seat, the east of the county seat is the Longnao slope of the spring onion cage, the south, west, north three sides are surrounded by the jade belt of Pingzhou River, standing on the west of the city lotus slope overlooking the county, like bonsai, there is "Yushui golden pot splash cabin" poem praise.
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135***02Xiao Qikong didn't catch up with the time of the last trip to Guizhou. This time it was built with the company group. It is definitely worth a three-hour drive. Especially the 66 level waterfall. It is too good to see, but the scenic spot is so big. It is really a life-threatening walk! The first day, the big seven holes are still very relaxed, walk and see to take a boat. But the small seven holes rafting is also fun, the company has more builders, the eight boats are still very fun, you must buy a raincoat, otherwise you will all be wet. The scenic spot is a car and a road. The water forest is basically stepping down. Although the scenery is beautiful, it is not convenient for legs and feet. The people with bad waist are a little unfriendly (the waist pain is really experienced). Small seven holes need to take the scenic spot *** car ***, feel that through a mountain over a mountain, then there will be different beautiful scenery, worth a visit.