Province of Sevilla
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Things To Do in Province of Sevilla

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Big KahunaA must visit if you're in Seville. Tickets includes La Giralda tower climb
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Colleen HolbrookThe thing I love about Architecture is that it is free to appreciate, most of the time. La plaza de España is beautiful and was also the location for some of the Star Wars movies.
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iiwaniqbalBe prepared if you want to go here, because long line are waiting for the one who buy ticket on the spot. When I went there, I have bought ticket by online. The architecture is super awesome. The detail of the building are very great.
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chengse12135The background of the gold tower is located in the river is a lot of postcards,, not any relationship with gold. Bundled free two-day shipping on Monday, after registration can be free to visit. Mainly some navigation display of the appliance, and outlook mouth we can see the distant scenery. Around the tower climb a circle, not tired, each level has the exhibits, can visit as we go along. A layer of selling souvenirs. The highest top part of a layer of can''t go up, but have also been overlooking the distant attractions such as the cathedral, at no cost is worth visiting.
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Historical Architecture
chengse12135Don''t know how many matador who had died in here, most of them are very young. Can''t understand why the spaniards love, perhaps history makes this country has experienced too much aggression against plunder the civil war. This way of fighting bull fighting, show the strength and skill, to stimulate the original of the Spanish for long wild, wild fiercely fight fight, like flamenco comes from life sorrow, actually in the expression of anger
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Featured Neighbourhood
chengse12135From the North-East of the palace walk about 200 meters, is a bustling downtown hinterland - holy cross area (Barrio Santa Cruz), sevilla''s most interesting pubs, restaurants and shops are concentrated in the alleyway of the chickens, well-preserved house and street view, full flavor of of primitive simplicity of the middle ages. Come here, please slow down and drink a cup of coffee, write a postcard, under the shadows of mottled taste belongs to seville, languid is lazy afternoon.