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derricMaotai Town is a legend, it belongs to Zunyi City, the next life Renhuai City in the lower town of the administrative level is not high, but because of the Maotai winery, the whole town is a variety of wine companies and wineries, at least the eyeball is thousands The wine smells in the daytime are just amazing, like the shops that look out and don't see anything else, all of them are wine shops and the night view is amazing for a small town
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我是夜王2020/7/20To this tour, this is the best viewing point to see the panoramic scenery of Maotai Town. You can take the cable car to and from, or you can drive from the roadside parking lot. If you are driving, you need to charge tickets, 30 yuan per person. It is recommended to go in the afternoon, so overlooking the town of Maotai on the opposite side of Chishui River, it is just a smooth light, the scenery is beautiful.
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悠悠星空Maotai China Wine Culture City is the largest wine culture exhibition hall in the world, which was built by Maotai Group from 1993 to 1997. In 1998, it was designated as the "Chinese painting and calligraphy artist's creative base" by the Chinese Literature Federation, and in 1999 it was certified as the "most in the large world of Kinis" by the Guinness Headquarters of Shanghai, and in 2000 it was listed as the "national industrial tourism demonstration point", and in 2014 it was named the national AAAA tourist attraction. It is approved as a patriotic education base in Guizhou Province and a patriotic education base in Zunyi City, and it is a museum that can enjoy the patriotism of the Chinese people in the Guizhou Province in 2017. Maotai China Wine Culture City covers an area of 30000 square meters, the building area of more than 10000 square meters, is a collection of sculpture, painting, Tibetan mastiff, inscription, cultural relics, the physical wine in one of the wine Expo Hall. There are eight exhibition halls, including China Wine Source Museum, China Wine Technology Museum, China Wine Rhyme Museum, China Wine Customs Museum, China Wine Utensils Museum, Maotai Museum, Maotai Wine World Museum, and Planning Exhibition Hall, with a total collection of 5,000 pieces. The origin, brewing technology and the development of Chinese wines are introduced systematically. The development of Maotai wine, the history and history of famous wine brands in various parts of China, the world distilled wine culture, wine culture, etc.
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bjbillyjiaoMaotai town is very lively at night, first is the light, as the night falls, the exterior of each building began to light up gradually, to the night deeper, the overall feeling like Chongqing's Hongya Cave. The most bustling and lively of all is the 1915 square which is a piazza but quite small compared to many places, the town residents and tourists are gathered, the music of the square dancing is very loud, there are also the square signs and restaurants which are more popular, worth a visit
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Ornamental Hot spring
滇国剑客Not only is the wine smell floating around here, but it is also beautiful scenery, suitable for the conditions of wine making, and people live, is one of the seven places with great ability, no wonder many people will like this place.
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City | ​​landmark
茅台镇醉大千酒"The first bottle in the world" is high 31.25m, diameter 10.2m, volume 1469.33m3, can accommodate 2938660 bottles of Maojiu! Drink one jin a day and borrow another 500 years to the sky!

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About Renhuai

Renhuai City is located in northern Guizhou, slightly to the west, in the middle reaches of the Chishui (“Red Water”) River, on the north side of the Dalou Mountains. Renhuai has a unique geography that has been fought over by strategists throughout history. Maotai is a provincial-level scenic spot in Renhuai. It is one of the areas in northern Guizhou most dense with tourism attractions and richest in scenic and cultural sights. The area is also home to the Miao and Bouyei ethnic minorities, so visitors who come here can see traditional indigenous activities like playing traditional musical instruments, dancing the Gunshanzhu (“rolling mountain pearl”) acrobatic dance, and climbing the “flower pole,” which are all very interesting.

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