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mingkupFrom Weihai city to Rongcheng, it is to take the children to Xixiakou Safari Park. The conclusion is not a worthwhile trip. The only place that the zoo wants to complain is that it is too tired to walk down. .Unlike other safari parks, it is not possible to visit by car. From the beginning of climbing the park, all the steps down, or more physical need, especially children tired to hold. Saying, the next is the advantage of the zoo. First, almost all animals are in a very good state, and there are many kinds of animals, even better than the current Beijing Zoo. We talked to a chimpanzee keeper for a while, saying that 10 years ago it was the largest zoo in Asia, so size and species of animals were OK. Second, children were able to feed small animals almost at will, as long as they were not too much, and the child could feel the joy. The managements almost never stop. Finally the biggest highlight of the zoo, the last ocean area, and definitely don't miss this area. Of course walking to this area, it may be very, very tired. The sea area of Xixiakou Zoo is directly connected with the sea, which means that all the animals in the sea area are in the open sea. When we walked to this area, we happened to catch up with the keepers feeding, the kind keepers uncle gave a lot of fish, let the baby feed itself seals, sea lions. We went to the zoo at home and abroad not too few, it was really shocking. Recommended.
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139***27There are two parts of the scenic cableway, one skyscraper cableway and one into the head mountain. It is recommended to take the skyscraper cableway. Although the time is long, it is also a good experience to sit in the cable car and watch the sea view. Motianling is Qi Jiguang repelling the place, in the coastal plank road there is a large stone carving facing the sea, the coastal plank road is still worth a walk, not very tired, but the crystal palace is a bit boring, but the plank road must go through, still have to walk. After the ride back from the skyline, you can sit in the small train into the mountain to visit the endless, the new Matsu Temple and the sun photograph in the middle we did not visit, but the small train must get off and change to Chengtou Mountain, for the elderly with inconvenient legs is very inconvenient; When you arrive at Chengtou Mountain, you can walk to the endless scenic spot in a few minutes. You can look out to the statue of Rizu and spend 20 yuan to feed the seagulls. It is also a very good experience. Most people go to visit the endless day after the small train back, but it is recommended to continue to the east gate direction to visit the Qinhuang Temple, the only temple in the Qin Shihuang in China, not many people go. When you arrive soon, you will see the Guanyin Temple first. Next to the Taoist Temple of Qinhuang Temple, there are former Japanese ancestors, Matsu, Jade Emperor, Qin Shihuang Statue, etc., but there are still statues of Lisi ... because the statues are old, people also say that one person is a little afraid to visit. Near the temple of Qin Dynasty, there is also the second time Qin Shihuang came here to shoot, it is worth a visit.
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自由行省钱侠客Shandong Rongcheng Sea Donkey Island in Chengshan Town, is a beautiful legend of the natural scenery of "Xianshan Bird Island." Legend that Jiro God with the jade emperor here to fill the mountain, shoulder two mountains to the near the mountain, suddenly listen to the East Sea donkeys, the west coast of the chicken, two mountains into the sea, there is the east of the sea donkey island, the west of the chicken Ming Island.
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南沙逍遥丸Recommended! All around the sea, the scenery is superb, where dad went season 1 episode 78 recorded in it, there is a net red coffee shop in the island, the cliff coffee, the coffee tastes average, but the view is good.
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139***27If you go to Rongcheng, highly recommend the attractions. I thought about Chishan God to know, but I didn't expect to be surprised. 1) You can drive up by yourself, 150 yuan / car. The car in the scenic spot is 40 / person. It is more cost-effective to save your mind if a car is full or you drive yourself. 2) Scenic Area tickets are here on the halfway side of the mountain, because you drive up, pay the model fee first, then go to the ticket office on the halfway side and buy the scenic spot tickets. There are 8 scenes in the scenic spot, the ticket clerk at the ticket office will recommend to buy the ticket of the QR code of the scenic spot to save 10 yuan. 3) The first stop of the scenic spot is the temple near the ticket office. At that time, I thought of playing on the top and finally coming back. I didn't expect that the time was too late to enter. According to the introduction of the temple at the back, this temple should be the oldest temple in Chishan, and it is worth visiting. 4) The Guanyin Temple is spectacular. The auspiciousness in the front of the temple is the video. There will be a music fountain performance at 11:00/14:00 every day. It is very worth watching. It takes about 15 minutes. 5) Two small temples, one introducing Korean monks to ask for Buddha in Tang Dynasty and the other introducing Japanese monks Yuanren to ask for Buddha in Tang Dynasty. I visited Yuanren to ask for Buddha, and he built the Akayama Temple of the 7 ancient Japanese temples. 6) The top of the mountain is the temple of the great god of Chishan, which can be seen as part of the seascape. There are many restaurants to eat along the Guanhai Road (which is not much more than a few seas).
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trader-NYou can not go in the scenic spot, but you must take the North Circulation Cableway, take the North Circulation Cableway, take the North Circulation Cableway. The important thing is to say it three times, the premise must be sunny.

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About Rongcheng

Rongcheng (荣成) is at the easternmost tip of the Shandong Peninsula. Surrounded on three sides by the sea, Rongcheng is China's closest point to Korea. It is a beautiful seaside city blessed with warm winters, cool summers, balmy springs, and crisp autumns as well as ultra-rich marine resources. Famous attractions here include the Weihai Chishan (威海赤山) Scenic Area and the Chengshantou (成山头) Scenic Area.

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