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yylatpkuSanbao Yao Village is located in the north of Lujiang County, about 10 minutes drive, very close to the transportation is very convenient. There is a parking lot at the entrance of Yao Village, but the current parking space is about 30, and the reception capacity is limited. Yao Village does not need tickets, it is a free attraction. One of the highlights of the Yaozhai is the drum tower of Sanbao, which is located behind the entrance gate, which is very spectacular. Behind the drum tower is a large square, the end of the square is a maple tree, the age of the trees should be more than 100 years. After the birch trees is the Duliu River, the riverside scenery is very beautiful, and the opposite side of the mountain formed a landscape painting. Sanbao Yao Village is more primitive ecology, basically no commercial development, can be a purer experience of the Yao Village. If you have enough time, you can take an hour or two to wander around the village.
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Historical Architecture
-Iris-Originally intended to go to kill Dang, but accidentally heard the big song in Fengdeng, so changed to Dali. Dali is a very beautiful village, there are many other villages do not have the scenery: stream, beautiful wind and rain bridge, exquisite flower bridge, unique courtyard building, etc., the scenery is first-class. We didn't see any tourists in 2 days, only met so few outsiders in the inn. In short, it was as quiet as the world. There were three or four inns in the stockade, about 80 yuan a night. Although it is a bit simple, but the hot water is available, really should live for a night to experience. But there is no special place to eat in the stockade, and there is no shopping to eat. Just in the front door of the family of the stockade, curiously probed into the yard; An old woman greeted us warmly: "Come in and sit down!" Probably used to reject strangers in the city, even want to not want to say no. Looking back, I think I can ask if I can eat, with a thick cheeky tempting, the old woman is very enthusiastic, "come in sit, money is not money don't say! " We said, casually eat some rice and greens will be; the old woman smiled and led us to the living room, and then into the kitchen. Lunch is a pot of tofu green pork, raw delicious, than the city of the original pig No.1 more ecological. After the host asked us to sit again, but we rushed to Xijiang, they invited us to visit again. We promised to take out the candy and chocolates to them, the children grabbed to eat, very happy. I really feel that the beautiful scenery here, beautiful human feelings, really a beautiful village.
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D20***23Bameng Shuizhai is a withering village, many people did not live there, the village is decaying, and those who sing, dance, show the flow of the village, it seems more true. Forget the beauty of the scenery, and it is worth seeing to understand the impact of the minority lifestyle and culture.
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Ancient Villages
累到痛2022It is the first time to book a ticket on Ctrip and it is a successful group ticket. The public welfare blind date and friendship activities organized by everyone have achieved very good results. In the activities of making friends and making friends, there are seven pairs of intentions, which really printed the "Seven" of Qixi Festival. Everyone had a great time and made many new friends.
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随心飘飞2010Zaidang, a 26 km from the Lijiang City, only a km from Dali, to pass a small village called Fengdeng to find the village, and all the dirt road estimated before raining road very muddy. The village has come to us in this third year, a little disturbing their quiet life, because our arrival has made the village children all out, around, and so that the learning equipment we bring out to use, We had an intimate exchange with them, and enjoyed the beauty of the Dai song, which is the most worthwhile thing we think. Little one, only 265 households, 1277 people, all are Dai. The first eye into the village or the stream, along the dirt road and stream slowly into, all the way is built in the wood house, Xu is the reason that there is free and rich during the New Year. The village with green stone boards inlay lane, can let the human body to a kind of quaint and solemn charm. The architecture here is more characteristic, called "dry column" style building embodies the traditional building style of the Yi nationality. The essential structure, about two feet tall, two feet deep, more than three connected, each about a distance, two ends of the building. Clothing green tile, water flowing on all sides. The roof is built by a pile of tiles. Or in the shape of money. The first floor is often wood sheds or cattle rings, the second floor residents.
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Ancient Villages
小悦的呢Kong Shen as one of the Miao villages, retaining the strong Miao color, food, clothing, architecture are intact. Because as "the world's miniskirt township" was specially interviewed by "Is this true" program. The beauty of human affection, the ancient technique, the natural diet, if you are afraid of lingering, it is not suitable for choice.

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