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Things To Do in Shakotan

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M17***59The Jidan Peninsula is located in the western part of Hokkaido, about 2H from Sapporo, and the name is derived from Ainu and means "summer village". The Jidan Peninsula has a 30KM coastline, and the surrounding area is designated as the second ancient Jidan Otaru Coast National Park, and it is the only designated sea park in Hokkaido. The fishery village along the coastline of the shikotan Peninsula developed as a fishing village in the late Taisho period from the Edo period to the end of the Taisho period, and it was developed as Rumoi and Busan near Hakodate, and the fishery resources were exhausted. In addition to the beautiful coastal scenery, there are abundant hot spring resources, but due to the inconvenience of transportation and sparse population, tourism has not developed. It is for this reason, it can become a scenic but not tourists gathering in the excellent scenic spots. The peninsula has two seagulls stretching into the sea, the jack dan gull and the gods, where visitors often go. The gods are also Ainu, meaning the place where the gods live. There is a promenade extending to the sea, about 770M, because the road is side by side cliffs, strong wind weather is prohibited. At the end of the road, a huge rock up to 41 meters in the sea - Shengwei Rock. The ancient gods and gods are forbidden to women, and there is still a sign at the entrance of the gods and gods and gods, of course, now accessible. It is said that when minamoto no Yoshitsune came to Hokkaido, the daughter of the chief of the ainu tribe in Hidaka District followed him. But it is said that the source Yoshikyo has left the ship here, desperate to jump into the sea incarnate the god rock, and there is a curse: every ship carrying women will sink through here. According to the history of the sea of the devil, it is said that the Japanese woman who passes through the sea of the sea is angry at the sea god, and the ship sinks, and the fishery is not good. Therefore, in the Edo period, the entry of women from Yamato races to the domain was prohibited in 1691 years of Matsumae CHO, Hokkaido. This prohibition was not lifted until 1855 years at the end of the Bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a Shogun), but it was not clear until the Bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a Shogun) Iesada Tokugawa dispatched his subordinates to bombard the God of the God with artillery.
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_We***59This trip to Hokkaido, the favorite place, the real view is much better than the photo, go to the end, don't be busy taking pictures, but quiet down to see, see the farthest part of the sea the arc of the earth round the edge, can really see and feel the earth is round, I give a full score
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Geological Sites
_We***59Jitanjia, Shenweijia is the most worthwhile place in Hokkaido. Jitanjia is beautiful, the sea is especially clear, and Shenweijia is amazing. You can really feel that the earth is round. These two places are so beautiful.
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Water Conservancy Project
E49***88Nice view with traditional Japanese atmosphere. I went there in April 2019, the weather was warm (upto 26-28C during day time) Stayed in Otaru for 2 nights, so I can see the different views during daytime and night time. Like Otaru Canal very much, the canal, fresh air and the view seems liked bring you back to 100 years ago. Wanted to go again in Winter time, must be a very different scenes.
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快乐时光On the west line of Hokkaido, in Shakotan, there is Japan’s top 100 scenic spots "Shimabuyi Coast". Walking through a narrow tunnel, you can see the beautiful "Shimabuyi Coast" with blue water! Few people, quiet and comfortable!
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Herb香草There is a large music clock at the entrance of Xiaoxuan Music Box Hall, which rings at full hour, music playing with white smoke, always gathers tourists to take pictures, and the music box displays a variety of music boxes in the music box hall, the arrangement is very dreamy, is a must-visit attraction to Xiaoxuan.