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Things To Do in Shenzhen

27,376 Reviews
Theme Park
Livy CA nice day trip out where you can spend 2-3 hours walking around. The attractions are cute and interesting, and mostly well maintained. Food options are plentiful and overall the park was very quite. there’s no much shade though on a sunny day!
13,641 Reviews
Theme Park
Jtori12park was a fun time with my friends. only problem I had was all of the rules I’ve never seen at an amusement park. I had to remove my earrings for some of the rides even though I noticed some of the locals did not have to adhere to the same rule. there were also weight restrictions on many of the water rides. I probably will not return.
16,258 Reviews
Theme Park
_We***30the atmosphere and air is clean in this countryside if you are a picture person photoshoots come out nice
9,023 Reviews
E47***51Better than expected. Zoo is quite big and range of animals also. Some part of the zoo were renovated recently
11,435 Reviews
Observation Deck
M56***76Today it is very foggy. Looking down from the 116th floor, the whole picture looks a little hazy and beautiful. Looking down from a high place, there is a feeling of grandeur. It is a worthwhile trip to come under the recommendation of a friend! The tour guide is very professional, thank Even for his warm service.
10,788 Reviews
Theme Park
toto-rothis was so much fun seeing glimpses of different people from China! we saw some dancing, singing, architecture, etc from various people around China and the world! the food options were not great.