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331 Reviews
辉辉与姗姗First of all, it is worth going, about 1 and a half hours on foot. Self-driving tour went, today is very lucky, I actually saw the rainbow bridge, various ancient stones, more suitable for relaxation, the scenic spot will not be very dry when walking, in general, it is very cool, the scenery is pleasant, wait for the next Grand Canyon rafting
231 Reviews
M41***74Very good! The family is very happy, there are mountains and water, the scenery in the cave is good, the charm of nature is amazing! Worth the visit! The old town of the iron is not interesting! A satisfactory trip!
38 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
扶疏子Within the territory of Houliu Town, there are the national 4A scenic spot Zhongba Grand Canyon and the 3A scenic spot Houliu Water Town. There are many natural landscapes in the scenic spot, including four famous scenic spots: Shifo Temple, Xiangbai Rock, Xianyu Spring Cave, and Liyushang slope. In recent years, relying on its good location advantages and first-class natural endowment, Houliu Town has vigorously promoted the construction of eco-tourism, and built the national 4A-level scenic spot Zhongba Grand Canyon, Liaojiawan Root Art and Qishi Pioneer Park, and Zhongba Workshop which will be opened to the outside world. Small towns and other scenic spots regularly hold series of tourism and cultural activities such as "Root Art Fair" and "Autumn in Water Village" to create a tourism industry brand with high quality, excellent characteristics and strong service.
14 Reviews
M25***87Generally speaking, the experience is not bad. There are young ladies who have traveled to modern times in the scenic area to guide you. You can paddle alone by the bamboo raft, but you can't. You can let the young ladies in the scenic area teach you how to do it. The scenic area allows you to experience the refreshment of summer, and in general the scenery is worth the ticket. It is recommended to have heavy rain. The waterfall will be more spectacular when the weather is clear soon. If I go today, the weather has been clear for a long time, and the water of the waterfall is a bit small.
9 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
麻利贝贝哄The ancient town of Flatiron has a history of thousands of years and is an ancient post town on the Chuan Chu Ancient Road. Flatiron Town is built on the lava in the karst landform. Most of the existing ancient streets are built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
14 Reviews
扶疏子Zhongba Valley Drifting is located in the scenic Zhongba Valley Zone. The wharf is located at the entrance of Zhongba Grand Canyon in the national 4A class scenic spot –. The total length of the rafting section is about 6 kilometers, the drop of the river reaches 100 meters, and more than 10 curves, rapids and dangerous beaches.

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Yundou Ancient TownAnkang,China

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23 Oct, 2021
Light Rain
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23 Oct, 2021 Shiquan Weather: Light Rain, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 89%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:57/18:05
Shiquan Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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