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Things To Do in Sichuan

58,415 Reviews
CoreybBakerThey are super silly and playful. Loved watching them for hours. We arrived at 7:45 to try beat the madnesses, it didn’t matter as the line was already 400 people deep. it rained for about two hours around 11 and 90% of the visitors left. My advice is come on a day when it rains or not during summer.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
Gaviota798The water was spectacular. The park was a great experience. Recommend walking along the outside paths as there are hardly any people otherwise it’s packed and hard to walk. (July 2021.)
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Water Conservancy Project
Yoj DThe weather is cloudy. The irrigation scenery is amazing. We went there during holiday so it’s a bit crowded. I’m curious what’s the significance of the stone packed in a bamboo.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
CoreybBakerwe stayed a few nights on top of the mountain to hike and see the mountain change. best part was early morning and late afternoons when most visitors had left the mountain.
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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
NicoleenIt's definitely a must see! Beautiful scenery and nice walk. It's amazing to think the work that went into creating the Giant Buddha. We went early morning so it was quite and peaceful.
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Famous Residences
ErinLI came here after visiting the panda base and it's a beautiful place to stroll around and look at the scenery.