Southern District
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Things To Do in Southern District

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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
yangniziNear the Dead Sea, there is a rocky mountain protruding from flat ground. The eastern cliff of this rocky mountain is about 450 meters high, from the top of the mountain to the shore of the Dead Sea; the western cliff is more than 100 meters high. The top of the rock is flat and roughly rhombus; it is about 600 meters long from north to south and more than 300 meters wide from east to west. On the top of the mountain, there are remnants of ancient palaces and castles. That is the ancient city of Masada, which has a history of more than 2,000 years. The trail leading to the ancient city of Masada is extremely steep and is known as the "Snake Path".
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Geological Sites
137***66We reached here by car from Mitzpe Ramon in 20 minutes. The ruins of the oldest Nabatean city in the 3rd century BC. Nice view of the Negev Desert. Winter is cold and windy, so put on warm clothes and don't forget to wear a hat.
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lmjazzmanLooking at the red rocks under the blue sky in the desert under the scorching sun. Go to Timna Valley National Park. Timnapark is a desert address park. This red canyon has a long distance between sights and sights. You can drive directly into it. A park in the University of Novas, often only two of us stand against the scorching sun. Looking up in the vast desert, looking up at the red rocks of various shapes eroded by the wind and sand, the sky without a trace of clouds is so blue and the people are so small. This can be a paradise for photographers. Occasionally, an antelope grazes under a tree. They are very alert and run away as soon as they get close. Finally, he returned with a bottle of park sand.
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137***66[Scenery] It is generally dry until it rains in the north and then floods. Interesting part of the terrain and geology of the area [Fun] If you are lucky, you will also see gazelles, rock rabbits and vultures/eagles. Make sure you have a hat, good walking shoes/boots and plenty of water. It may get hot.
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Dolphin Watching
ccjccjDolphins can be observed up close, and you can snorkel and snorkel with them.
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天羽博士In fact, it is also possible here, or it is part of the Dead Sea area. After all, the Dead Sea is tens of kilometers from north to south, but it takes half an hour to get here where most people go. Many people are not willing. However, it is relatively clean here, but some concerns are that there is a chemical plant nearby that is used to extract alkaline earth.