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Things To Do in Tahe

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Botanical Garden
滇国剑客In the Qixiashan Botanical Garden, because of the addition of technology and artificial intelligence, the local spatial environment has been changed, resulting in the presence of all kinds of strange plant species in the botanical garden, which attracted the admiration of visitors.
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M57***70From the original fishing and hunting methods, the Oroqen people gradually moved from the government to build houses and settle down in 2013, and build new villas in 2013. After hunting and guns were banned, the Oroqen people changed to planting. Now they develop sideline businesses such as greenhouses and ground cultivation of fungus. The lifestyle has taken place. Has changed dramatically.
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滇国剑客The beauty pine forest, from the name that let people feel here "the main character" is pine forest, but, after coming here has new discovery, this place besides pine forest, in the pine forest arched out of a white warring wood, also very good looking.
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City Park
滇国剑客The scenery of Nanshan Park is very beautiful, very long-lasting, whether natural scenery, or later artificial landscape design, buildings, all give people to enjoy the beauty, is too charming.
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Geological Sites
Mrs猪The stone forest in Da Hinggan Mountains and the southern stone forest are completely different in structure and geology. Unlike the karst landform stone forest in Guilin, where the stones are concentrated by a huge granite to form peaks, thus forming the stone forest landscape, which looks like a very hard feeling. People who like geology can visit
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少年不懂姑娘那七天的痛Booked a group of Taibai Mountain packages from the changed website, which could not be used due to the New Year. After choosing a refund, the website ignored it. The ticket was returned on February 2, and no useful recovery was received by February 24. Calling the customer service is a shirk of responsibility every time, and it is pushed to their financials. Very inefficient. Never come again. Recommend not to come.

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28 Oct, 2021 Tahe Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 71%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:28/16:21
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