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Things To Do in Taian

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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
E31***42Last winter vacation, I and my parents had a wonderful time on Mountain Tai, the most famous of the five great mountains.It is located in Tai'an where my grandpa and grandma live. On the foot of Mountain Tai, there is a deep pool called Black Dragon Pool. Its water was dark green. It looked like a mysterious prince. There is a legend that the water of Black Dragon Pool can flow into the Baotu Spring in Jinan. If you throw a coin into this pool, you can find it in Baotu Spring. We played therefor a long time with happiness.Then, we took a bus to the beginning of the hike. To climb on the top of the mountain, it was a long way ahead of us. Thoughmuch energy was burned, we don't feel tired. The beautiful scene on the top of the mountain gave us motivation. Finally, we got the top of the mountain. The road behind us seemed to be almost flat. Wow, a fantastic painting appeared to us. There was sea of clouds. The fog covered the mountain, and there was a faint view of the rolling hills and the looming cable car.What an amazing scene it was!
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Geological Sites
行摄九州Taian underground rift can also be called the dragon palace, here the lighting effect is very good, mainly in the rafting river, very exciting, lighting colorful, very novel, here time is more abundant, the time of rafting is not too short, feel very novel.
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Theme Park
樱桃小丸子ya~Very good, the scenery is also beautiful, there are more entertainment facilities, I went with my best friend on May Day, there are more people, the queues are long, but overall very good, find the child's heart, it is very interesting and fun, overall is superb, the scenery is good, very happy day!!!
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Water Park
青城e梦Hotel service number, clean, breakfast is OK, buffet is super good, there is a good choice for taking children to travel, cost-effective, fun and fun, the scenery is good, overall super awesome, back to stay
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Taoist Temple
chenweiwenHanbai in temple located in the southeast of the temple, the original qiling hall, there are hanbai, so the former qiling palace or east palace, now called hanbai in temple. The gate inside the huge qilin hanging, Li qishu "qiling gate." There is an octagonal stone column pool, built in 1961, can be viewed by the column baicui, because of the name of the shadow Cuichi. There are five cypresses around, which were planted by Emperor Wu of the East. Now the knots are shrill, lush and lush like a dragon. Although skin is skinned and heart is withered, but new branches are born. Ancient people are known as "Hanbai Linghan", one of the eight scenes of Tai'an. Under the tree is the title of "Han Bai Shi" by Zhang Yi, Governor of the river during the Qing Kangxi years. The old cypress, the old dragon, spitting in the south side of the courtyard, is the thickest ancient tree in the temple, it must be surrounded by three people holding hands. At first glance it was a tree, but carefully observed two trees: one outside was a cypress from the Han Dynasty, but the center was a later planted cypress. Experts speculate that around the Ming Dynasty, the cypress center appears empty, people will be planted in one of them. Hundreds of years later, the side cypress first withered, and Han cypress although scarred, old, but leaf flourishing, the cypress issued a breathtaking vitality.
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Amusement Park
E66***93Tickets for 80 yuan are all available, Dawenkou Cultural Museum, Zoo, large challenge play facilities, children's play facilities, zoo. There are 30 cars in the bumper car that is the largest bumper car in the area. Bring a disposable raincoat to play with the Dragon King can save 10 yuan.