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Historical Architecture
annaIt's still nice to come here to learn about the history of Qiao Zhiyong, a representative of Jin merchants, and to visit the large house of the architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. You can buy a guided tour ticket at the ticket office for 120 yuan, there will be a full-time guide to take you all the way, or rent a 20 yuan audio guide to tour yourself. The tour guide led the tour, do not go back, the whole journey will take about two hours, and go directly out of the scenic spot. So if you want to take a photo or something, let the tour guide stop and wait.
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Historical Architecture
Famous Residences
资深喵A place worth seeing. Although I went to Shanxi to see many large houses and courtyards, it is still worthwhile to visit here. This is the first time I have seen the house beams made of pure gold, which is also a national first-class protected cultural relic. The pottery figurines of the Eastern Han Dynasty are all lifelike, graceful and beautiful! The red pomelo green vases of the Yuan Dynasty are all treasures, and the family museum has a rich collection! The Confucian Mansion also has its own characteristics. Looking at the windows of the building, the square and round shape is different from the ordinary, depicting the life of the owner. The last one is called Xiaotaoranting, with an elegant and cool structure. Of course there are many more. Going slowly and carefully, there are always surprises.
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_We***64Changjia Manor is large, more ancient than other courtyards in Shanxi, the ancient atmosphere is stronger, the area is larger, the garden is a major feature, from the garden see the Changjia's essence, from the Ming and Qing Dynasty ancient streets and courtyard can see the prosperity of his family before the prosperity
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乐吃购A very unique courtyard of Jinshang, just Chinese classical style, some European style. There is also a very auspicious Yutou, called Sanduo Museum, Many Fu, many children, many long, the layout of Quanliao is a long character.
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Historical Site
E32***42It is a good place to visit. The museum is huge and worth for your money. Highly recommended.
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Water Park
贰宝宝The overall feeling is OK, mainly indoor sunscreen. There are too many people coming to play, so the health environment is barely strong, but not too dirty. Compared with the Pangquangou Water Park in the neighboring county, there are not many rides (four or five), and the opening time is too much, too few times, such as the big trumpet, the daytime open twice, every time for 1 hour, it is difficult to play. The artificial wave is only twice in the afternoon, less than 30 minutes each time, too many times is in the water bubble, sit on the beach. The garden is expensive to spend, a sausage 5 yuan. If it is not to bring children to play, the ticket for 168 (online) is not very worth it, I don't feel very hi.

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About Taigu

Taigu County is located in the central region of Shanxi Province and is situated in the Jinzhong Basin. The county was founded during the Western Han dynasty and has a long history with developed culture and trade. The county forms a well-known Shanxi merchant base along with Qi and Pingyao counties. The county contains many Shanxi merchant courtyard sites. Some of the most representative examples are the Cao Family Courtyard complex and the Kung Hsiang-hsi residential complex (Kung Hsiang-hsi was born in Taigu County). Taigu’s cakes and hubing dates are famous throughout China. Wealthy Taigu merchants gathered here during the Ming, Qing, and Republican eras, making Taigu into the finance and trade center of China’s north. This gave rise to the area being called a “dry dock” and “Little Beijing.”

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