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Historical Site
Sabhywe visited Maiji mountain grottoes with friends. The place is filled with histories. The sculptures on the wall amazing. You can see beautiful landscape from the top of the grottoes. The entrance fee is about 80 yuan. If you take high speed train from lanzhou, it’s about one and half hour journey. From Tianshuinan station, transportation are available towards Maijishan.
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gz当地向导伊妹儿The scenic area of Maiji Mountain is a perfect combination of the human landscape and natural landscape. It has characteristics, pleasant scenery, beautiful scenery, climbing mountains, seeing the beautiful scenery, feeling the fun brought by nature, it is very good.
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Hot Springs Resort
M49***29Very good, the scenery is good, and the pool is more variety, playing with children is very good, the children love it. The buffet tastes good. The point is that there are too many people on holidays, and the experience will be better if you come in the off-season.
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琳琅澤I have always wanted to come here to see if the mountains are as strange as I thought: see if the water is as green as I thought. One of the famous ancient buildings in northwest China, formerly known as Taiyue Palace, commonly known as Renzong Temple, is located in Xiguanfuyu, Qinzhou District, Tianshui City, Gansu Province. Road. 1963 was announced by the Gansu Provincial People's Government as the key cultural relics protection units in Gansu Province, now the national key cultural relics protection units. Fuxi Temple sits north facing south, facing the street and built, courtyards are numerous, four into four courtyards, broad and deep. The ancient buildings in the temple include the theater, archway, gate, yimen, congenital hall, taiji hall, bell tower, drum tower, the hall of the hall, the new building has the courtyard, the monument gallery, the exhibition hall and so on 6. The old and new buildings total 76. The whole complex includes archway, gate, yimen, congenital hall, taiji hall, along the longitudinal axis line, layer by layer, majestic and majestic. Today, I came to the historic Fuxi Temple. I really have a deep experience. The environment is elegant. In addition to the attitude of the staff, the other is very good. There is always a thousand feelings in the heart of play. It is recommended!
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风吹来的祈祷文Very beautiful attractions, there are three cliffs, five peaks and seven temples, relatively exhausting physical strength, try to go from the south cliff, the west cliff (precipitous, very hard to come up), all the attractions can not go back.
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Taoist Temple
路上50Yuquan Temple was built in Tang Dynasty. Due to the name of the mountaintop Yuquan, there are four-sided stream monuments in the Baoyuan Dynasty, Zhao Mengfan Qufang Caoshu Shibei, Millennium cypress, the inner palace and ancient trees are reflected in each other. ... It is not far from the South House. Tickets are 20, there are very few people, and the mountains along the ladder are several important doors. Arriving at the top is the imperial temple and Doum Palace, then go down the mountain, see Yuquan, Wuhou Temple, etc., you can go shopping for more than an hour, not bad.

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About Tianshui

Tianshui City is located in the southeastern part of Gansu Province. Ever since ancient times, people who went along the Silk Road had to pass through Tianshui. With a long history and rich cultural heritage, Tianshui is one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese culture. The unique geographical location has created many unique natural landscapes in this place. Tianshui Fuxi Temple and Fengtai Mountain are where Chinese people from around the world go to conduct ancestral worship. The Maiji Mountain Grottoes, which are located in Tianshui, are one of China's Four Famous Grottoes. They are famed throughout the world for their beautiful clay sculptures and steep caves.

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