Timaru District
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Cultural Experiencial Area
乐乐嘻嘻哈哈乐乐嘻嘻哈哈Some people come here to watch the sea, and I think if I have the opportunity to stay here for a day or two next time, I will feel more and experience the quiet atmosphere of a small seaside town. There are also some slightly historical buildings to see. New Zealand is a place that makes you happy.
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Churches and Cathedrals
天路客77天路客77It's so beautiful! The mountains, the lakes, the surrounding Lu Binghua... The church is not big, you can only see it at the door, you can't sit in and pray quietly, some regrets...
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我自独行独行客我自独行独行客Lake Tekapo: The second largest lake in the northern part of the McKinch Basin, which flows from north to south, is recharged by the Drey River (Godley River), which is 700 meters above sea level and has a watershed area of 83 square kilometers. Located between Christchurch and Queenstown, the famous tourist city on New Zealand's South Island, lies in the heart of the Cook Mountain Basin and MacKenzie.
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旅の径旅の径Fairlie is a small town, located 32 kilometers northeast of Lake Tekapo, on the main road from Lake Tekapo to Christchurch. Around Fairlie, many farms (New Zealand-style farmhouses) have been opened. The close contact with the free-range alpacas is the highlight, attracting many Chinese tourists. Walked into a farm on the side of the road, the typical layout of the front shop and the back court. The spacious shop hall is divided into a sales area and a rest area. Pictures of alpaca and its products are hung on the walls of the sales area. There are various alpaca products, dolls, coffee, and simple meals on the shelves and counters, which are colorful and dazzling. In the lounge area, spacious sofas, clean coffee tables, and interesting decorations contrast with the charming scenery outside the window. After a short break, he brought a pack of feeding snacks to the ranch. The grassy pastures are surrounded by dozens of alpacas with different coat colors. The chic body, elegant gait, cute look, embarrassing look, and fluffy feel make people laugh. , Feast your eyes.
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广州丁满广州丁满There is a farm holiday company in New Zealand with an official website. There are cooperative private farms in many small towns in the North and South Islands. While staying in, you can also experience the farm life of the locals. The one we went to was not far from Ashburton, a 5-minute drive. The two-story villa has a large garden, swimming pool and even tennis court. After breakfast, the hostess took us around and found out that the ranch close to a football field was also his home. The life of the locals is very leisurely. Every day, they are at home taking care of flowers and plants, feeding cattle and sheep, and accompanying the blue sky and green space. In particular, the starry sky is really beautiful at night.
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pxy0705pxy0705Mount John is located on the shore of Lake Tekapo. It is a mountain with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters. It is very majestic and majestic. It is also a great place for hiking, and the most recommended is the stargazing trip here. Since there is no air pollution and light pollution, it is really beautiful to see the bright Milky Way at night.

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Alpaca WalksTimaru District,New Zealand

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Blueberry HavenTimaru District,New Zealand

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The Tin ShedTimaru District,New Zealand

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Timaru Botanic GardensTimaru District,New Zealand

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Rangitata RaftsTimaru District,New Zealand

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Pleasant Point Museum and RailwayTimaru District,New Zealand

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4 Dec, 2021
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4 Dec, 2021 Timaru District Weather: Mostly Cloudy| Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph| Humidity: 81%| Sunrise/Sunset: 05:46/21:04
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