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591 Reviews
Historical Architecture
AviationistaThe history of the Guanque Tower is inside the tower on how it was built and it has 6 storeys. at the top floor, you can see the gorgeous sighting of the Yellow River and Shaanxi province on the other side of the river and Henan province on the other side of the mountain(s)!
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zexiwongThe climb is too tired, mainly to the top of the mountain too far, the children can't stand it, have to go down the mountain half way, and the cable car is cockroach, a short period of 30, not worth it, the children play quite a lot, feeding the pigeons is very good!
470 Reviews
lyn0919Pujiu Temple scenic spot is located in the east of Yongji City, Yuncheng City, 3 km east of the ancient city of Luzhou, the beginning of the Fengling, the high terrain, wide view, the temple sits in the north facing south, high, built by the adjacent, the total area of about 90, 000 square meters. Built in Sui and Tang Dynasties, Pujiu Temple has a history of more than 1000 years, is the place where the love story of the classic drama of our country, "Xixiang Ji", and the national AAAA-level tourist attraction. Enter Pujiu Temple, as if into a picture or fragment of "West Chamber", the mountain gate, the clock tower, the Grand Palace, the cloister of the tower courtyard, the pear flower deep courtyard, the Xiyi, Shuyu, worship platform, Zhang Sheng jumping wall, and so on, as if all the scenery, All are making a grand declaration of love for a thousand years. The Puji Temple is not only a temple to pray for the Buddha, but also a love holy place to feel love, representing the love of the Buddhist holy place, the country alone.
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lin楠爱云Adult tickets plus 79 yuan for round trip ropeway, very worth it. The ropeway is long and steep, the scenery is beautiful, and the service attitude is very good! The meal is also very good and not expensive at the platform of the next ropeway, and the uncle's service attitude is also very good! It was our late visit, preparing for the jade pillar peak at 3:30, but was told that the time was too late to go, leaving a regret, looking forward to coming again next time!
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Historical Site
_We***00Good [view] [fun] [price/performance] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun] [fun]
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精光葫芦娃Snow Mountain Scenic Area is located 2 kilometers east of Yongji City, Shanxi Province, south of Wuxing Lake, the largest inland wetland in the Sanjin Dynasty. It is the Zhongtiao Mountain National Forest Park and the national hero Yang Zhenbang's anti-Japanese revolutionary base. A comprehensive tourism integrating leisure, vacation, hotel, conference, folklore exhibition, water challenge, stone sculpture art exhibition and natural landscape scenery with an investment of more than 100 million yuan by Yongji Snow Mountain Scenic Area Tourism Development Co., Ltd. project.

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Pujiu TempleYuncheng,China

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Shentan CanyonYuncheng,China

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Guanque TowerYuncheng,China

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Wulao PeakYuncheng,China

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Yongji Travel Tips

About Yongji

Located on the southwestern edge of Shanxi, Yongji City is an important political, economic, cultural, and military center in what was known anciently as the Hedong region (today's southwestern Shanxi). It is Shanxi’s gateway to the south. Yongji City has a long history as one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. Many famous people came from the area, including one of the Eight Great Prose Masters of the Tang and Song, Liu Zongyuan (773-819), and the famous poet Wang Wei (699-759). Among the many tourist attractions here, you will find one of China's four great historical towers, Stork Tower; the Pujiu Temple, where the story of the famous drama Romance of the Western Chambertakes place; and the Wulaofeng (“Five Old Peaks”) National Forest Park.

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