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Things To Do in Zhangjiagang

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悠悠星空Xiangshan Scenic Area is located 15 kilometers west of Zhangjiagang City, with an altitude of 136.6 meters. In the past, many ancient celebrities visited Xiangshan to leave legends and monuments, but today the ancient monuments on the mountain are mostly new. For locals, Xiangshan is more like a park to climb. The road is green and shady, the environment is very good, although the mountain is not high, but the steps are steep, exercise, breathe fresh air, not lost for the weekend outing good place. The main entrance of the scenic spot is at the east end. After entering the door, you can take the scenic car to the top of the mountain. One trip is 10 yuan. If you choose to walk, first see the foot of the mountain by the Piaoxiang Lake, Dark Xiang Lake, Mingxiang Lake composed of landscape, wide view, then the west by the steps to climb the mountain, along the way there are signs indicating the direction, the Tibetan Jundong along the way is more interesting attractions. Even if you reach the top of the mountain, the Leaf Tower, which is 9 stories high, can overlook the countryside below the mountain. The wind blows in and out, very comfortable. The top of Xiangshan is relatively large, there are said to be Su Dongpo wrote the Meihuatang, the big oysters to get water thirst quenching holy pool and other attractions, and there are paid fishing pond, if physical strength, can turn to Xiangshan Temple to see. If you don't want to return to the original road, you can take the driveway, but because there are cars on the road, you need to pay attention to safety.
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320***69The place is not too big, in terms of the project, the tsunami and the loudspeaker is not bad, at least the children have a good time. Some advice, 1, whether or not the consumption, each hand card actually charge 20 yuan, it seems very inappropriate. 2. It seems that there is no air conditioning or power shortage in the place where you change clothes, and it is easy to feel heatstroke.
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Amusement Park
118***13Very good, very suitable for children. The important thing is not to queue up. Except for the Ferris wheel, which costs 15 yuan, everything else is included in the big ticket. Children with a height of 1.1 can basically play. The timid suggest not to use pirate ships and roller coasters. After playing, it's really a bargain anyway, I'm very satisfied.
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M36***45On-site ticket 60, taking the child to go to the cost-effective is still good, small children like to feed animals, older children farming and cultural knowledge, the children who enter the door like to play equipment, there are sea lions and animals performance (black bear, monkey, goat), prepared vegetables and radishes to feed various animals, Walking and stopping to see, feel more cost effective than going to the zoo. Good value for money,
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Hot Springs Resort
M54***43There are a lot of hot spring pools, the water temperature is suitable, the service is good, you can change the bath towel at any time, this is very good, no need to wear a wet bath towel in the winter! With the elderly and children, everyone likes it!
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e42***37It’s not bad. Children like many fish that can’t be named. If you see the fish tank from this fish tank, you have to say that it’s not good enough. There may be a small number of fish types, and the charge is a bit high. Others are pretty good.