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Things To Do in Zhashui

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752 Reviews
julie2888Bull back beams in the Qinling Mountain, an hour drive from Xi'an, here mountains and mountains, birds and flowers, fresh air, pleasant scenery. Here summer can summer, spring see a hundred flowers, winter see the crystal, autumn colors like fairy tales, wonderful.
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Geological Sites
M12***70Particularly worth visiting, the water cave is very spectacular, the inside is colorful, various stalactites are thousands of appearances, and it is a wonder. The inside is very cool and a good place to escape the heat. Overall satisfaction!
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扶疏子The scenic spot is located in the core area of Yingpan Town, the first sports and leisure town in China. It is close to the National AAAA-level scenic spot, Niubeiliang National Forest Park, Shaanxi Province. It is another resort which is built according to the requirements of the development of rural tourism, which is called "Soil, Wild, Custom, Ancient, Foreign and Five-Weather". "The green aircraft carrier of Shaanxi leisure health, Noah's ark of Xi'an summer shelter, the top mountain residence of Qinling Mountains and the sleeping capital of Jiuzhou", combined with the three advantages of Zhongnan Shanzhai, the three advantages of good ecological, location and resources, highlight "cultural consumption, leisure and holiday, health, health, Outdoor leisure" the theme, planning to build a set of ecological protection, comprehensive tourism, cultural interpretation, leisure and business vacation in one of the ecological cultural leisure tourism areas.
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Ancient Settlement
扶疏子Fenghuang Town is located in the southeast of Zhashui County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province, on the southern slope of the Qinling Mountains. Fenghuang Town is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The Shechuan River, Zao River, and Dizigou River meet here to form a delta. Fengzhen Street, where the town government is located, is 45 kilometers away from Zhashui County.
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Ancient Trail
M61***80[Scenic] The mountains and waters are beautiful and quiet. Huamen Tower enters about 7 days and 4 kilometers to the gate of the scenic spot. You can also take the scenic car from Huamen Tower to the money playground. The scenic spot is located at the gate of the scenic spot and is 9 kilometers away from the playground. Then it can only be hiked. The ancient road is a historical remnant. It takes 4 or 5 kilometers to the top of the Zhongnan Mountain and there are many attractions along the way. Among them, the meadow and the azalea forest are the essence. [The scenery]
52 Reviews
53Hertz 🇨🇳Natural karst caves formed by nature for hundreds of millions of years, stalactites in various forms, wonderful work, a day trip to Zhashui karst cave, there are many steps, it is recommended to give up in advance if the knee is not good. not bad! It covers an area of about 17 square kilometers and is 79 kilometers away from Xi'an. The natural environment here is beautiful and elegant, with many and concentrated attractions, 115 caves have been discovered

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Niubeiliang National Forest ParkShangluo,China

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Qinling Dongtian Fudi Scenic AreaShangluo,China

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Zhashui Zhongnan Mountain Qin and Chu Ancient RoadShangluo,China

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Phoenix TownShangluo,China

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Zhashui Travel Tips

About Zhashui

Zhashui County is under the jurisdiction of Shangluo City in Shaanxi Province. The county is located in the western part of Shaanxi. Over 78% of the county is covered by vegetation. The air is pure and fresh and people even call the area a “natural oxygen bar where the cities are the lungs.” Zhashui County is home to historical sites such as the old road between the kingdoms of Qin and Chu and beautiful natural scenery such as Tianfo Cave. Other locations popular with tourists are the traditional towns of Jiangnan Xiaozhen (江南小镇) and Fenghuang Old Town.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zhashui
23 Oct, 2021 Zhashui Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 76%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:54/18:01
Zhashui Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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