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Ancient Settlement
慢雨Zhenyuan Ancient Town is a original original taste of more than 2000 years of history, since ancient times is the door. Wuyang River will be divided into two ancient town, natural formation of eight Fengshui, the ancient town has many places of interest, not only by nature of the ghost axes magical work, but also will be deeply impressed by the wisdom of the ancestors. Qinglong Cave, Zhuangsheng Bridge, Zhuangyuan Pavilion have all kinds of magical stories; The ancient lanes of the crooked gates and crooked roads reveal the vastness and depth of Chinese culture; the beautiful night scenes of the Wuyang River lighting give the ancient town more colors to the modern elements. Mountain architecture blends the southern style of the river, the quiet town known as "Oriental Venice" is always charming. The town of Yuangu Town is relatively convenient for public transportation, and the surrounding area is reached by train, car and travel direct; it is also convenient for self-driving, with high-speed entrance and exit. The ancient town is fully functional, good food and accommodation, and good quality. I have been to places many times.
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2010年冬Gaojia River rafting, the whole journey is more than ten kilometers, the long canyon, waterfall reef, dangerous rapids, very exciting, must bring a suit, because it will be soaked, it is best to go in July, otherwise the river is really ice, an unforgettable experience.
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IamisVery recommended attraction. Qinglongdong Ancient Buildings Group is more than 500 years old, is a famous ancient site in Guizhou. The building group is built on cliff cliffs, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, three religions temples are inside, the building is built on cliffs, and stands. Make sure you go to the top of the hill, it's amazing to see the big turn overlooking the ancient town.
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IamisOriginally thought that Wuyang River was the river in the ancient town of Zhenyuan, I didn't expect to come to a special scenic spot. From the gate of the scenic spot to the place to take a cruise. It is a long walk, there are vendors selling food in the middle, and it is not lonely all the way. The time of the cruise is about 1 hour, cooperate with the explanation, and there is also a photography service. If you sit by the window, you can see a good scenery. You can also go to the second floor to see it. There will be some sunning. The last stop is the "Peacock Opening" of the stone complex, although not seen is the peacock opening, but still shocked by the magnificent beauty of nature.
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E25***64Tiexi Gorge is a lovely area with an easy walk of about 2 hours. it’s quiet and full of birds and butterflies. Both times I’ve walked there I’ve seen very few other people. About half way is the amazing blue Dragon Pool and then further along is a beautiful waterfall. Bus 7 goes there from town.
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牛奶海Zhenyuan Shiping Mountain is a small hill on the edge of the ancient city of Zhenyuan, relatively the highest around, and like a stone screen, in the opposite of the river, Qinglong Cave can be more comprehensive view of the Shiping Mountain.

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About Zhenyuan

Zhenyuan County is located in the eastern part of Guizhou Province, adjacent to Hunan Province. The town of Wuyang is the seat of Zhenyuan County and is located on the banks of the Wuyang River. The river passes through the city and is surrounded by mountains. From afar, the north shore and the south bank appear to form a swirling Taichi glyph. There are many ancient buildings, traditional houses and old piers inside and outside the city. Among them are nationally protected key cultural relics, such as Qinglong Cave, the former site of Heping Village and Zhenyuan City Wall. The Qinglong Cave in the east of the city is a group of large-scale Ming and Qing structures. In addition, there are tourist attractions such as Tianhou Palace, Wuwang Cave, Shiping Mountain and Tiexi Creek along the banks of the Wuyang River.

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