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Ross Creek

Ross Creek

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"Sometimes it takes only a curious heart to discover beautiful scenery. Ross Creek New Zealand's natural scenery is not said, no pick, every time you come to find some new place, it is amazing. Besides the famous attractions, there are many places that are not known to anyone but beautiful and not amazing, and we need to find them a little bit. Play guide ▼▼▼ We found in Dunedin that Ross Creek was definitely an accident. Two rectangular stones stand on either side, and the entrance is the entrance. Next to it, a sign was made of two small boards, with a blue font on Ross Creek, and a row of small icons below, drawing things that are forbidden to do, to see pictures to talk, should be walking, and to bring small pets. From here, the surrounding is a green, all kinds of unknown grass and trees, looking in, deep, I am curious and like adventure character, resolutely to go. Walking deep in the jungle, grass color green on both sides, feel good. The moment you see the stream is a bright, dreamy, quiet, blue water, a wooden bridge that runs right into the middle of the water, where there is a small house. It must be the most beautiful place in the distance, against the sunny woods! You can take pictures from anywhere, you can look at the postcard. Tips ▼▼▼ Food: Not far from this place, there are many coffee shops, desserts and meals are very good. Number of people: I don't know if it's too hidden. Didn't see others..."