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Duobagou Main Channel

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"Recommended reasons: "East Palace" the most beautiful location in the western region, the soul of the Chinese desert, not even on the map can not find the place, after going to this place, go back to see this TV drama, it is estimated that this is the only one, this is the biggest highlight of the whole play, The most important filming site in the western region of the western state is the Aksaido Bagou Populus (Huyang Gorge). Highlight: The Duobagou Populus (Huyang Gorge) is not far from the border between Gansu and Xinjiang, so there are deep valleys in Xinjiang and the northwest desert scenery. Before the impression of the desert, the total number of miles, a barren, no plant growth, no stream water, no cliff cliff, one can see the end, but today, I have re-acquainted with the different desert scenery. Aksaido Bagou Populus Populus Gorge is a set of oasis, desert, canyon in one of the original ecological scenery. This place called Duobagou Populus Gorge, originally thought it was a Populus forest, did not think, Populus forest did not see, but saw the most shocking scenery in this trip. In the green grass-shaded oasis, there is a desert, the vast and unspoiled desert, inlaid with a canyon. The desert should be a waste, but in the green grass-shaded oasis, there is a desert, the vast and unspoiled desert, inlaid with a canyon. After reaching the Populus euphratica, the first entry is a canyon, the canyon is the place where the Populus euphratica forest grows, because now summer, the Populus euphratica forest in the valley is not yet formed, but can see the valley in the patches of Populus euphratica forest, some on the cliff, some on the cliff, It's gonna be even better in the fall. The valleys are like growing in deserts, and they are originally a canyon, but because of the change of environment and the large area of desert around them, the landscape of the present desert is created, but it also means that in the near future, the valley will disappear with desertification. It turns into a desert, so before he disappears, take a look at the great rivers and mountains of China. The name of the multi-bagou, originally thought to be the transliteration of the local language, but listen to the local people introduced, the name of the multi-bagou from a local farmer, because there are many dams, many ditches, so named multi-bagou. A mysterious place never discovered by the world, under the protection of nature, concealed so secret, but by many famous directors admired. Small Tips: Heroes, West Wind, Nine-storey Story, Hongmen Banquet, Heavenly Lions, Shahai Veterans, Meet Aksai, Dunhuang Unloved, Selecting Heaven, Drunk, "East Palace" and other famous film and television dramas are here to take a view. Detailed address: Aksaido Bagou Huyang Gorge, not far from the junction of Gansu and Xinjiang"