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Bameng ShuizhaiNearby City

Bameng Shuizhai

5/512 Reviews
Ranked #3 in Rongjiang Can't Miss Attractions
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Today, I went to Bameng Shuizhai, really like the world, the folk wind is simple, the people of the Shuizhai are warm and hospitable, take the car from Lijiang to Xinghua Township, and just met a big sister of Bameng Shuizhai with a child. I followed the big sister all the way to the Shuizhai, and get off at Bameng. The van driver will go to the small village entrance to stop, go down the road to the river. There is a boat to cross the river to the other side of the Bameng Water Village. I used to be the Shuizhai Dajie herself to cross the river, so there is no charge, I just helped her with the luggage. I heard that the boatman who is in the water village has to cross the river on his boat. It costs 1 yuan per time. It is very cheap and cost-effective. After crossing the river, the newly-repaired cement road leads directly to the village. The village is very original and not commercialized. This feels good. The village is very simple in all kinds of hanging buildings. The people in the water village are self-sufficient and weaving their own fabric. Wine making, farming, fishing in the river, walking around the village was a relaxing feeling, the people who met the water village were friendly, the old people did not understand us, of course we did not understand their words, but they felt their enthusiasm and sincere smile on their faces....and halfway through the village, When she met a young Shuizhai beauty asking for directions, she said that she was going to eat at home, and some young people asked if I had eaten, and when the hospitality was difficult and I didn't know how to solve the lunch, I was invited to their home for a simple meal. After eating, I remembered to take a photo. I will upload it later. I learned from this host that the original invitation to me to dinner was his daughter from Guiyang University. There are several young people at home who are the girls' schoolmates. They just came to the village to do summer research. Chat learned that the same school stayed at home as a guest, because we are all accidental, so the host repeatedly said that the food is simple, their rice is delicious, and ribs, scrambled eggs, scrambled meat with beans, sour soup and bamboo raft, are all eating, the host takes out beer, brews his own wine, drinks to greet us, I feel really flattered, this treatment... touched, the girl said that they are all very hospitable to each family here, just communication with older residents has obstacles, because they are speaking water, eating, learning about some of their customs and life in the water village, Family financial resources, the pattern of the squattery hanging feet, etc., the owner also took out their aquarium costumes for us to show one by one, for me really not a worthwhile trip, after eating there are watermelon grapes and other fruit greeting, like sitting on a guest, When they learned that I wanted to go to the nearby Baimiao Village and that there was no suitable car to go, they still let their son take me on a motorcycle ... after the game I wanted to leave some money to express my sincere thanks, and they refused. So I really appreciate the lovely people of Bameng Water Village! In fact, there are still many feelings and feelings, I leave them to you who want to go to Bameng Water Village. You can slowly experience it. Finally, directly above the picture."