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Enshi Grand Canyon
Enshi 3 Day Tour | The mysterious punching place of 30 degrees north latitude said that the north latitude 30 degrees, is a mysterious latitude on the earth, up and down within 5 degrees of the range, running through the four ancient civilizations. The Pyramids of Egypt, the sky gardens of Babylon, and the mysterious Mayan civilization, the Sahara Desert, the Himalayas... too many beautiful places. Hubei Enshi, also beside the 30 degree latitude, has both natural beauty and mysterious culture. Enshi Grand Canyon is praised by experts as comparable to the American Corolla Grand Canyon, 5A scenic spot. The main scenic spot is Yunlong, which was formed more than 50 million years ago. The wonderful karst landforms include cliffs, mountains, boulders, and flowing water. The main scenic spot Qixingzhai, as early as the Yuan Dynasty, Enshi prevailed in the toast system, there is a black toast to consolidate the rule, built a seven-door gate, shaped like the Big Dipper, named Qixingzhai. "Dragon Boat Tune" live drama "Dragon Boat Tune" is a Tujia folk song, which was named one of the world's 25 outstanding folk songs by the UN text in the 1980s. The real drama recreates the scene of the Tujia Diaolou House in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and tells a touching love story. Daqingjiang Cruise Daqing River is the mother river of Tujia people, deep and clear. More than 5 hours on the river, you can enjoy the scenery of Butterfly Cliff, Rainbow Bridge and Sleeping Buddha. Xianfeng County Enshi a specialty, is selenium-enriched tea. In Xianfeng County, I saw a large block of tea gardens. Pinn Shi Yu Lu tea, stunned. Tangya Tusi City was built in the Yuan Dynasty and flourished in the Ming Dynasty. Tangya Tusi City is one of the most representative toast town sites in the Southwest. In the wreckage of the broken wall, a glimpse of the prosperity of the year. Pingbaying Hubei Province is the largest virgin forest community except Shennongjia. Take the cableway straight up and feel the clear lungs of the original forest. There are more than 90 forest tree houses in the forest tree house pingba camp. It was raining when I lived here, living in a wooden house, listening to the night rain, and adding a bonfire, it was perfect. The rain curtain is like being in a fairyland. Eat a special Tujia special diet for many years in Enshi , but the taste is heavy, but each meal is a fragrant. Recommend the characteristic oil tea soup, first use the appropriate amount of fried tea to the sallow, add water to the pot, and put the natural ingredients such as ginger, onion, garlic, pepper, and boil the water into the bowl. After serving, you can eat according to your own taste, plus fried or fried fried rice, popcorn, tofu, walnuts, peanuts, soybeans and other "bubble". Selenium-enriched tea can also be eaten into the diet, which is very distinctive. Enshi people are also deeply loved for potatoes, and potatoes are eaten differently. This small potato can be put into the dish. The big potatoes are diced and fried, and a rice risotto is made with rice. The scent enters the rice and it is more energetic. Enshi's superior water environment, virgin forest environment, also produced a lot of game. Flying in the sky, swimming in the water, can eat many things that can not be eaten elsewhere. Pheasants and water fish do not need to be cooked in a complicated way. It is enough to taste for a long time. tips: 1 Enshi Canyon has a variety of climates, rain gear, thick coat 2 There is a certain distance between the spots, the boat is tired, the motion sickness medicine is prepared, rest rest 3 After May, Enshi enters the tourist season and must book tickets in advance.
Summer PD
Enshi Grand Canyon
Enshi five-day tour self-driving route recommended! Enshi is located at the intersection of Hubei, Hunan and Guizhou provinces. It is cold in winter and cold in summer. It has abundant rainfall and abundant four seasons. The most famous one is Enshi Grand Canyon, but there are many small attractions. Shaojingmei, hurry to Mark Itinerary recommendation: D1 Arrival, live in Enshi Grand Canyon D2 Enshi Grand Canyon Qixingzhai, Yunlong Ground, "Dragon Boat Tune" live performance D3 Golden Cave, Tangya Toast City, Live Tree House D4 Enshiping Dam Camp, Sidongxia D5 Return Transportation: 1 There are not many flights directly to Enshi. If there is no direct flight to Enshi in your city, you can consider going to Wuhan and then taking a train to Enshi. 2 After you get to Enshi, you can pick up your car and drive. Since there are many mountain roads, it is recommended to purchase the whole car insurance at the same time. 3 If you encounter thunderstorms in summer, you should pay attention to the road conditions in time, there may be mudslides or landslides leading to road closures. : 1 Enshi Grand Canyon is divided into two main scenic spots: Yunlong and Qixingzhai. The upper seven-star village can take the cable car, and there are also hand-held elevators to go down the mountain. The entire scenic area is very large. There are no attractions in the two sections of the mountain and the downhill. It is recommended to take the cable car to save energy and time. 2 "Dragon Boat Tune" is a folk song of Lichuan. The real performance is based on the love story of a pair of Tujia boys and girls in the Tusi era, describing their touching stories of breaking away from feudal ties and pursuing free love. The scene is spectacular and you can better understand the local culture. 3Tangya Tusi City is a late Ming Dynasty ruins. If you just think of yourself as a hillside, it is recommended to find a explanation. 4 The number of tree house hotels in Lupingbaying is limited. It is often full in the peak season during the summer vacation. It is recommended to book in advance. Hotel recommendation: Enshi Grand Canyon Daughter Village Hotel. Very close to the Grand Canyon, the rooms are large in size, with balconies facing the mountain and elegantly furnished. The hotel has breakfast available and is cost effective. pingbaying tree house. As if living in a Nordic cabin, the air in the virgin forest is exceptionally good. The detached chalet is quiet and romantic, but the facilities are not luxurious, but clean and comfortable.
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