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About Fenghuang

Fenghuang, located in the southwestern part of western Hunan. It has gradually transformed into a gathering place for young artistic people. The region's long and storied history, legends and folk tales are among the reasons for this as are the ancient-style stilt houses, the clear waters of the Tuojiang River and the heavily ethnic minority atmosphere. Fenghuang’s Phoenix Ancient Town is ideal for walking tours. Nestled deep in the mountains alongside a fast-flowing river, you can visit places such as the Former Residence of Shen Congwen, the Former Residence of Xiong Xiling, the Yang Family Temple, Eastgate Fortress and the Ancient City Museum. The Tuojiang River flows alongside the city walls of Phoenix Ancient Town. While there you can go rafting on the Tuojiang and see and enjoy the hundred-year-old Hmong stilt houses on either bank. This is a unique and pleasurable experience. Outside the ancient city you may spend some time visiting places such as Nanhua Mountain National Forest Park and the Miaowang (King of the Hmong) Cave.

Popular Attractions in Fenghuang

Fenghuang Ancient Town
6,634 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Fenghuang Ancient Town gained fame after author Shen Cong Wen's famous piece "Border Town". The town was built during the reign of Emperor Kangxi during the Qing Dynasty. The residents living there now are mainly from the Miao and Tujia ethnic minority. Ranking as the top ancient town in China, Fenghuang Ancient Town is a guidebook for people to know the past life in the pre-modernization period. Wooden houses and stone roads are the typical scenes here. The scenery after rain or in the misty morning is like a traditional chinese painting. When the town lights up at night, it feels like you are immersed in a fairyland. It is recommended to stay for a night to fully enjoy this town.
Tuo River
1,124 Reviews
Boat Tour
The Tuo River is located in Fenghuang County. Tourists know it as the river along the walls of Phoenix Ancient Town. The Tuo River's waters are clear and blue, and centuries-old dwelling are contained on both banks of the river. On the south bank of the river lies an ancient city wall made of purple sandstone. Even after all these years, it still looks spectacular. Near the east gate of Minjiang River, there are attractions such as the Wanshou Building, Wanming Tower and the Zhancui Building. The "jumping rock" near the north gate of the river served as an important entry-exit point of the Phoenix Ancient City. It's a great spot for a photo!
Biancheng Performance
486 Reviews
The performance of the "Border Town" large-scale forest theater was mainly based on the story of the Mr. Shen Congwen's book "Border Town" and the character "Cui Cui" as the main line. The architectural design concept of theater is not only the characteristics of national culture, but also reflects the humanistic spirit of Phoenix Ancient Town.
Former residence of Shen Congwen
446 Reviews
Famous Residences
Shen Congwen's former residence is located in Zhongying Street in the ancient city of Fenghuang. The former residence was the place where Mr. Shen Congwen was born. It is a courtyard house with rich features of Xiangxi and has obvious Ming and Qing architectural styles. Many people come to Phoenix for Mr. Shen Congwen, because many of the classic works that have flowed out from him are familiar to everyone. The former residence of the gentleman was once regarded as the "Confucian Temple of the South." Every year, it attracts numerous literature lovers.

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Fenghuang Weather

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Trip Moments

More and more ancient towns and scenic spots have become popular tourist attractions. There is an ancient Fenghuang city in Hunan, China. It has always been the same as the ancient city of Lijiang in Yunnan and the ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi. It is known as one of the most beautiful ancient cities in China, but the ancient city of Fenghuang has been controversial because it has been surrounded by tickets. Fenghuang Ancient City is located in Xiangxi, Hunan Province, and was built in the 43rd year of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1704). The Lancang River flows through the center of the ancient city and divides the phoenix into two parts. It is because of the Lijiang River that the phoenix has an irresistible attraction. There are characteristic slings in the river, and the boats in the river are very lively. Before 2013, Fenghuang Ancient City was free to enter and exit, but on April 10, 2013, visitors had to purchase 148 yuan tickets to enter the ancient city, which caused a very big controversy, suspected of bundling sales, which led to For a period of time, tourists refused to go to Phoenix and suffered heavy losses. After 3 years of charging , Fenghuang Ancient City resumed its previous mode in April 2016. No more tickets are charged. Only the scenic spots in the ancient city receive tickets. This is also the practice of ancient city scenic spots. When visiting the ancient city of Fenghuang, be sure to visit the Lijiang River. On the Lancang River, a small bridge with stone piers is used. Tourists step on the stones and cross the river. The Lancang boating is also an experience that cannot be missed. The boat here sits narrow and swaying, but the river is very calm.
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