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pr1993In the previous two flight diaries, it was mentioned that the flight from Beijing to Mauritius chose to transfer in Jeddah and stay for three nights. So this article is about Jeddah's strategy. General: Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia, the largest port, located on the shore of the Red Sea. The positioning is a bit similar to Shanghai in China, which is the most open city in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is 70 and 400 kilometers away from the two holy cities, Mecca and Medina, respectively, and has a high-speed rail connection. Jeddah is also a must-have during the annual hajj. If you want to travel, you must avoid this period of time, during which non-Hajj passengers cannot enter from Jeddah. Climate: The latitude here is similar to Hainan, Jeddah is facing the sea, the climate is hot and humid, winter is the best season. Even in winter, the day is relatively hot, and locals generally go out at sunset or at night. Transportation: The most important thing for tourists is traffic. Public transportation here can basically be ignored, travel by taxi or car rental. There are many black car drivers in the airport lobby soliciting customers. We chose to rent a car, and the avis car booked from counted insurance for about 300 days. If you take a taxi here, it is recommended to use uber, because you don't buy a local mobile phone card, and the local car-calling software can't receive the verification code and cannot register. The taxi price is less than twice that of Beijing. Jeddah Road is very wide, there are few overpasses, and there will be a turn-over on the leftmost side of the main road. The city is fast and the speed limit is 80 or 100, and the speed limit is the fastest 140. There are normal numbers for the speed limit cards here, and some are local Saudi numbers. Those who want to drive by themselves must remember the writing of all the numbers. The locals drive very wild and drive fast. If you let the back car on the fast lane, they will be very close. The cost of driving here is very low. Most of the parking lots here are not charged, and the city rarely sees charges. The oil price is pleasant, more than 4 yuan a liter, and there is no toll for the high speed. Jeda City has a smooth road during the day and easy traffic jams at night. Before I came, I always felt that Saudi luxury cars were everywhere, but the actual situation was shocked. The car here is very long, many cars are not repaired, and it looks very broken. There are all national cars, there are fewer European cars, and there are quite a lot of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cars. The car here is divided into two extremes, most of them are suitable for small cars, a small number of large American SUVs and pickups. Those who want to rent a car at the airport should pay attention to the route of Google Maps navigation to the return point is not right. If you want to find the right one, you still have to look at the road sign to find car rental return. Food: There are many restaurants here, mainly Middle Eastern meals and fast food. Serious restaurants open late, usually at 1 pm or later. In general, there is a big gap with Chinese food, but you can try more. Mainly introduce a few kinds of food we have eaten: 1. Arab barbecue, many shops along the street can see the kind of long skewers barbecue, but we can't call the name of the barbecue, and finally chose a self-service, the price is moderate, 66sar one person does not include drinks, the taste is not bad. 2. Seafood, seafood here can be tasted, don't have too much hope. Whether it is a seafood restaurant, a fish market or a supermarket, we have never seen live fish. Obviously, on the coast, seafood is frozen, and the practice is single, mainly grilled. Seafood prices are similar to domestic ones. That seafood meal ordered a two-jin grilled fish, half a pound of small salmon, a salad, a pot of fried rice and a pot of pasta, more than 400 yuan. 3. Fried chicken, there are many fast food here, the most popular is the national fried chicken restaurant al baik, there are many stores in the city, attractions, airports. The taste is not outstanding, it may be cheap, similar to the domestic price fried chicken. 4. Other snacks, breakfast scones, dates, etc. Attractions: The surrounding Mecca is not allowed to enter because non-Muslims are not allowed to enter, so there is no discussion here. There are some attractions worth seeing in Jeddah: 1. The sea mosque is not very far from the airport. We came during the day and it is said that the night view is better. In fact, the daytime is not bad, there are no people, and you can see the particularly clear Red Sea sea. The mosque is not big, that is, take a few photos and punch in. 2.Jeddah sign, on the coastal trail, there is a Jeddah logo suitable for taking pictures, and there is a small mosque on the side, which is very nice to take pictures. 3. The King's Fountain, this is a must-see attraction in Jeddah, is the highest fountain in the world. Be sure to watch the sunset here, the fountain also starts spraying at sunset, this is not only a punch-in place for tourists, but also a good place for locals to take a walk and rest at night. 4. The old city of Balade, the world cultural heritage, feels a lot worse than the ancient city of Kashgar in China. Many buildings are being repaired. It is lively at night, but it is very traffic jam, so we come during the day. The people in the old city are very friendly to the Chinese, shouting hello to us, Chinese and the like. You can sit down here and have a local coffee and taste the local burrito breakfast. Shopping: There are many shopping centers here, the area is large, and the more famous is the Red Sea Shopping Center. The shopping center has a supermarket, a luxury store, and there are many fast food restaurants on the top floor. Many things in the supermarket are lower than in China, and vegetables and fruits are more expensive. To sum up, the tourism here is mainly to punch in some landscapes and experience the local customs. If you are in Jeddah, you can easily finish shopping in two days. Suitable for this kind of transit travel, if you run to Saudi Arabia alone, you still have to add the surrounding cities (Medina, El Ola, etc.) to be worth coming. Finally, give a few travel suggestions. 1. Although Saudi Arabia has no requirements for foreigners to wear clothes, women are best to wear long pants and long sleeves to respect local customs; 2. Strict prohibition, even if it is an alcoholic drink, do not bring non-halal food into the country; 3. International credit cards are very convenient, you can bring a small amount of dollars at the airport for sand coins; The local security is very good and friendly to the Chinese.