Best Restaurants in May in Shire of Dandaragan (Updated 2024)

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1Cervantes Bar & Bistro

1 Reviews
DennisfedelineWhen I arrived at Lobster Town, I was going to Lobster Shack Cervantes to eat lobster dinner. I had no choice but to encounter 5 Chinese tour group buses that slowly drove into this restaurant. I thought it was bad. I didn’t even find a seat. I asked the group of waiters and said that this is a seat booked by the tour group. That is also a seat booked by the tour group. It is really not lively to jump in the queue, push and shout on the spot. Since we really can't find a table, we have to open trip adxxxx and find other seafood restaurants nearby that are also well received 8-9. Then followed the google map to this restaurant called cervantes bar and bistro. Thankfully, this restaurant is very comfortable, spacious and much cleaner. To be honest, the price of this restaurant is really similar to that of lobster shack cervantes , but we enjoy a good service of 1,000 or 10,000 times. The waiter is a beautiful woman, and very intimately explain the ingredients, the ingredients inside, order a lot of seafood (ordered a lobster single package, a seafood three-person package, some can not be named, sweet into the heart of the dessert), Four people eat about 2400rmb, the dishes are too rich, fresh, I feel that there are a lot of fried food, but the whole is still delicious. The restaurant is a bar design, there are bar, billiards, old X machine, shooting machine, etc., the night should be shaken and changed into a leisure bar. If you want to avoid the crowds, you can also consider this restaurant.