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Min Hua Emily
Every holiday, many friends around us like to bring children to Gaoming Yingxiang Ecological Park. The hotel staying here is near Yingxiang Ecological Park, so we also walked away.

A ticket for 88 yuan includes Jiuzhai Water City, Baimu Huahai, Bird's Nest Science Park, Happy Farm, Motorized Playground, Small Zoo and other attractions, which is really good value for money.

In addition to Huahai, there are many fun projects in Yingxiang Ecological Park, such as blowing bubbles, such as large-scale interactive stage plays, such as the Bird's Nest Science Park.

Most of the mobile entertainment areas in the mobile game area are tickets that can be played: wave cannon, small train, fruit buggy, fierce war shark island, ocean horse, free jellyfish, kangaroo Jump, Hurricane Flying Chair, Double Flying, Ferris Wheel, Corsair, Extreme Bumper, Jungle Flying Mouse, Shenzhou UFO, Self-Controlled Aircraft, Skynet Bumper, Carousel, Flying Chair, Mountain Climb, Happy Spray Cart, Magic Bicycle, Laser Chariot , haunted house, lifting bees.
Posted: 24 Dec, 2018
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