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About Fufengxian

Fufeng County is located in the Zhang River basin in east Baoji City. During the Western Han dynasty (206 BCE-9 CE), this area was the fiefdom of the official known as the You Fufeng, so the county was named after the title. Fufeng has a long history. Its bronze age Zhouyuan archaeological site is said to have been originally excavated during the Eastern Han dynasty (25-220 CE), as the site of the ancient capital of the Western Zhou dynasty (1046-771 BCE). At Fufeng, you will also find the Famen Temple and its precious ancient relics. Today, Famen Temple is a sacred Buddhist site of worldwide fame.

Popular Attractions in Fufengxian

Famen Temple
3,326 Reviews
Famen Temple is located in Fufeng County, Baoji City. Originally constructed during the late Eastern Han dynasty, it was an imperial temple during the Tang dynasty (618-907) because it housed the holiest of Buddhist items, a finger bone of the Gautama Buddha (Sakyamuni), thereby becoming a holy place revered across the country. Today's Famen Temple comprises two parts: the cluster of old Tang-style architecture (the Famen temple complex and True Relic Pagoda) and the newly built cultural scenic area. The precious true relic of the finger bone of the Gautama Buddha is enshrined in the Namaste Dagoba on the east side of the cultural scenic area.
Famen Temple Zhenbaoguan
46 Reviews
Chongzheng Rd, Fufeng Xian, Baoji Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China
Taibai Mountain National Forest Park
1,521 Reviews
The Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is located at the northern foot of Taibai Mountain, the main peak of the Qin Mountains. The park's Taibai Mountain is the main peak of the Qin range and extends to a height of over 3,700 meters. Beautiful scenery fills the park, and there is a year-round accumulation of snow at the top of the mountain, even at the height of summer. Today, Taibai Mountain Forest Park is beloved of hiking enthusiasts. These visitors enjoy Taibaishan by climbing and crossing the mountain, whether in light or heavy gear. Routes to the summit include the north slope and the south slope, with visitors either hiking or taking a tram. Guests climbing the mountain must stick to developed mountain climbing routes and may not venture off the main paths.
Western Orchid Ecological Garden
8 Reviews
Botanical Garden

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Trip Moments

tommy leung   
Famen Temple is located in Famen Town, 10 kilometers north of Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province. It is 110 kilometers away from Xi'an City in the east, and 90 kilometers away from Baoji City, the hometown of Yan Emperor and the hometown of bronzes. The temple was built in the late Eastern Han Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,700 years. It is known as the "first ancestor of the Guanzhong Tower Temple". It was called "Ayuwang Temple" before the Zhou and Wei Dynasties of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, and was changed to "Chengshi Dojo". "Tang Gaozu changed his name to "Famen Temple." The Famen Temple is known as the Royal Temple, and has become a Buddhist shrine in the country because of the sacred relics of the Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha. The Famen Temple stupa is known as the "protection of the country's true pagoda." In 2004, it was named "the ninth wonder of the world" by UNESCO. The collections of the Famen Temple Museum include eight treasures, gold and silverware, porcelain, silk, Buddhist scriptures and Buddha statues, and the Buddha Palace has a collection of Buddha's relics. Famen Temple tickets are implemented in one-vote system, 120 yuan in the peak season (from March 1st to November 30th each year), 90 yuan in the off-season (from December 1st to February 29th of each year), you can visit Famen Temple, All the attractions in the scenic area such as Famen Temple Museum and Heshi Stupa. From Xi'an, you can take a high-speed bus from Datang Furong Garden and Chengxi Bus Terminal, about two hours away.
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