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Popular Attractions in Furano

Farm Tomita
411 Reviews
Farm Tomita is a flower farm located in Naka-Furano, Hokkaido. Famous for its large lavender fields, it is also home to a variety of other flowers which form a sea of flowers in the summer. Various facilities have been established on the farm to produce products made from flowers, and visitors are also able purchase lavender-related goods from here. The farm has become a tourist hotspot in recent years due to its vast flower fields and bright colors. It is a must-see destination for tourists to Hokkaido.
Choei Lavender Park
94 Reviews
Botanical Garden
The North Star Mountain Town Camp Lavender Garden is an official garden run by Nakafurano, located on the slopes of the North Star Mountain. In the middle of each year, the entire hillside is covered with purple lavender, with other flowers such as poppies and string red in the middle. It is beautiful and beautiful. The lavender garden also has a sightseeing cable car for summiting. When you take the cable car to the top of the North Star Mountain, you can overlook the beautiful flower fields under the mountain. In addition to the flower fields under the mountain, the mountaintop can also overlook the idyllic scenery of the Furano Basin and the magnificent scenery of the Tokachi-yama Mountains in the distance.
Ningle Terrace
70 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
The Dwarf Chalet is situated near the New Furano Prince Hotel in Nakagoryo, Furano. The wooden cabins are constructed in the forest and linked by the wooden corridor bridge. There is also a connection of small lights that decorate the cabins. There are a diversity of small crafts in the cabins, which are very delicate. Don't be too explicit when you look inside. Try to see through the corner of your eyes. That big stump is the spot where the legendary second generation of dwarfs lived in. There are passages and wooden bridges of the dwarfs build next to it, and coats of dwarfs were basked, which was very cute.
Kohi Morinotokei
89 Reviews
Coffee Shop
Kohi Morinotokei is located in the mountain forest around the New Furano Prince Hotel, adjacent to the Garden of Winds. It is a famous local attraction and the shooting place of the Japanese drama "Gentle Time". The furnishings and tableware in the cafe have always been in the store, people can sit on the bar and grind the coffee beans themselves. Everything is like the plot.

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Trip Moments

The most anticipated place for this trip: Furano Forest Elf Terrace. The Forest Elf Terrace can be said to be a very very partial attraction. In fact, it is not an attraction. It is a commercial street of the New Furano Prince Hotel. The wooden cabin in the woods is completely a fairy tale picture! There must be an elf in the forest? The neling balcony ningle terrace, inspired by a character in the Japanese writer Cang Bencong's novel (accurately an elf living in the forest), built a forest hand-made experience workshop, where the flashing lights flashed Behind, maybe you really hide the elf! The roof of the cabin is covered with thick snow and warm yellow light. The wooden houses are also connected by snowy wooden paths. With the small lights on the handrails, I feel myself again. It is very happy, just like the protagonist in a fairy tale. After taking the photo, you can follow the signs to the Senji Time Cafe. This cafe was actually built for the Japanese drama "Tender Moment" and was later retained. Drinking afternoon tea towards the snow scene, is there a feeling of the protagonist of the day? Specially recommend the coffee here, use the container of Sen's time to grind the coffee beans yourself, the air is filled with the rich flavor of coffee beans, the soft music in the ear, the visual taste and hearing are satisfied at the same time! Winter There are three kinds of cakes here: first snow, snow, snowmelt, we ordered the first snow and snow, the left is the first snow, the right is the snow, do you think that these two cakes are really like What is the first snow and snow?
Posted: 11 Feb, 2019
Posted: 4 Dec, 2019
I saw the most beautiful powder snow in Hokkaido, the pure white world, I will not forget it after I came back. And let me decide the reason for the departure, in addition to a cheap round-trip ticket, there is a fairy-tale world-like elf terrace in Furano. The place that I saw inadvertently became the unforgettable existence in my heart. Nearly 4 hours of aircraft, 3 and a half hours of trains, plus half an hour of bus can get here from Beijing. But when I stood here, I felt like I was surrounded by happiness. From Sapporo to Furano, you have several options: bus: 3 and a half hours, from Sapporo to Furano, you can take a ride at Sapporo JR Station. The advantage is that you don't need to change Multiply. However, in the case of snow, the highway will be closed at high speed, and naturally it will not be able to ride. Train: The time is the same, but you need to transfer in Asahikawa or Shibukawa. JR from Sapporo to Asahikawa can have a designated seat, which means to enter the seat by number. The train that arrives in Furano from Asahikawa or Sakagawa is a free seat. If there are many people, there will always be a situation in which they stand in the past. The most well-known hotel in Furano is the New Prince Hotel, where the Elf Terrace is located. The square kilometers here are covered by forests and the traffic is not convenient. In addition to the regular departures from the bus from Furano Station, taxis are the only means of transportation. It is so unique because of its remote location. Staying here is the ultimate enjoyment of Furano. I entered the house and I was fascinated by the scenery outside the window. With the heated bay window and the large glass window, I was sitting there for one night.
Posted: 15 Dec, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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