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Things To Do in Fuzhou

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YYand蛋蛋Qingming Holiday, I took the baby to see, I bought the spring special package 168 is very cost-effective, the underwater world. The dolphin show and the beluga show are very good, starting at 10 in the morning, and it is almost 1:30 in the afternoon, the children are very like it, there is a timetable, one show after another, It's compact, it's cost-effective, it's fun, it's fun,
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E44***92Beautiful place in Fuzhou. I went there by motorbike, especially the way there is really beautiful and you can buy the typical yongtai food there, or visit hot springs
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Famous Residences
Lawrencegreat place to feel the old foochow, many sides alleys branching out from the main lanes, so that one can ventures more to see many hidden galleries, traditional shops, cafes and bakeries... the de facto place to be in fuzhou
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_We***52The best boat cruise in the city, you get to exprerience all the bright and colourful buildings situated around the Min river. The authentic local Chinese music being played in the boat blends very well with the view along the river. This tour around the Min river is ideal for all the beautiful summer nights.
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Shaanits the place to make you happy, fun, enjoyment and advanture , natural .
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老挝彭于晏The hotel's hotel path came in. Shortly after the opening, the green on both sides was covered with small lanterns. A group of people were happy and peaceful. The first thing I saw was the conference center. I thought I was going the wrong way at the beginning, but the elder brother pointed to the parking lot. It turns out that you can drive directly down the underground parking lot and walk up, without going around the main entrance.

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Drum MountainFuzhou,China

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Luoxing TowerFuzhou,China

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Yuanmai Hot Spring ResortFuzhou,China

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Tianmen MountainFuzhou,China

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The Golden Cow Mountain ParkFuzhou,China

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About Fuzhou

Fuzhou has a style typical of an ancient city. The Minjiang River passes through the city and, because of the Banyan trees planted all around, it is also called ‘City of Banyans’. Numerous famous historical sites and ruins encircled by the clear water and verdant mountains, historical heritage with deep cultural associations such as Lin Zexu Memorial Hall, Sanfang Qixiang, and Jinshan Temple, and complementary natural landscapes like Yunding and Gushan in Fuzhou allow you to fully enjoy the beautiful culture. The delicious food of Fuzhou is even pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. In addition to the famous Fujian dish called ‘Buddha jumps over the wall,’ Fuzhou also has hugely delicious fish balls, delectable meat dumplings, and many other fine snacks. The food at the seafood stalls and barbecue establishments on Haitan Island is fresh, delicious, and sure to excite your taste buds.

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