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About Fuzhou

Fuzhou has a style typical of an ancient city. The Minjiang River passes through the city and, because of the Banyan trees planted all around, it is also called ‘City of Banyans’. Numerous famous historical sites and ruins encircled by the clear water and verdant mountains, historical heritage with deep cultural associations such as Lin Zexu Memorial Hall, Sanfang Qixiang, and Jinshan Temple, and complementary natural landscapes like Yunding and Gushan in Fuzhou allow you to fully enjoy the beautiful culture. The delicious food of Fuzhou is even pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. In addition to the famous Fujian dish called ‘Buddha jumps over the wall,’ Fuzhou also has hugely delicious fish balls, delectable meat dumplings, and many other fine snacks. The food at the seafood stalls and barbecue establishments on Haitan Island is fresh, delicious, and sure to excite your taste buds.

Popular Attractions in Fuzhou

Sanfang Qixiang
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Featured Neighbourhood
Famous Residences
Sanfang Qixiang is located in the heart of the City of Fuzhou. Sanfang Qixiang is the overall name for 10 streets running from north to south on both sides of Nanhou Street. The 3 lanes refer to Yijin, Wenru, and Guanglu lanes, and the 7 alleys refer to Yangqiao, Langguan, Anmin, Huang, Ta, Gong, and Jipi alleys. The streets all have white walls topped by gray tiles, and residences are made of wood. If you decide to take a look around, you’ll sense the exquisite craftsmanship of the South. You can see the hometown of famed Chinese and enjoy snacks particular to the area.
West Lake Park
874 Reviews
City Park
Located on Hubin Road, West Lake Park has a history of more than a thousand years and is a well preserved classical garden in Fuzhou. Lying right next to the river, it is where the elderly go for exercising in the morning. The eight scenic spots in the garden are awe-inspiring for the literati in the past, and many good articles were created because of them. Scenic spots mainly concentrate in Kaihua Island: Provincial Museum, Art Exhibition Hall, West Lake Theater in the north, children's park in the west, and zoo to the southwest.
Drum Mountain
962 Reviews
Drum Mountain Scenic Area is located on the north bank of the Min River in the eastern suburb of Fuzhou City. It is the most famous scenic spot in Fuzhou City. There is a huge drum-shaped stone on its peak. Whenever there is wind or rain, the sound of drumming from the stone resounds throughout the valleys, hence the name Drum Mountain. Drum Mountain has always been popular with locals and it is a good place to work out. The ancient Yongquan Temple on the mountain is visited by believers all year round.
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Yushan is located in the southeastern corner of Gulou District in the center of Fuzhou City. The whole mountain is shaped like a giant sea turtle, with numerous scenic spots and historic sites. For example, there are Baita, Pingyuan Tai, etc., as well as Qigong Ci, Fayu Tang. In addition, there are many small pavilions. These pavilions are fascinating among bamboos and flowers.

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Trip Moments

##Fuzhou Sanfang Qixiang old name recommended Sanfang seven alley post office 's old name, the first is the Tongli meat Yan old shop, dating 142 The annual history is listed as the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Project of Fujian Province. The 100-year-old Chinese brand was founded in the second year of Guangxu (1876) in the Qing Dynasty. It has won the China Famous Vegetable Gold Award, the Chinese Famous Golden Tripod Award, and the Taiwanese Cuisine. More than a dozen awards such as the Super Group Award and the Chinese Famous Chef Platinum Award. Tongli meat Yan old shop Tongli meat Yan old shop of the mixed - fish ball, meat Yan, Yan silk passing this shop when seeing a lot of people line up, so it also spent 15 yuan I bought a mixture to try it. There are three kinds of fish balls, meat swallows and swallows. The fish balls are a big white snow. The diameter is more than 5 cm. The white outer layer is bitten. Rich in gravy and pork fillings, the combination of the deliciousness of the fish and the richness of the pork is perfect for small partners who like to eat meat. Tongli meat swallow honor list meat swallow I think it is similar to the fish skin corner of Guangdong, the outer skin and meat stuffing are made of meat, and the skin of the meat swallow is the pig's hind leg lean meat with a wooden stick. Into the meat, add sweet potato powder, glutinous rice, etc. to make a thin piece of skin, and then use the skin to wrap the meat to make the image look like, it tastes very delicious. The swallow silk is cut into silk with the outer skin of the meat swallow, and then cooked directly to eat. It is similar to a wide noodle. It tastes delicious and smooth and delicious. 15 yuan can try three of the most classic Fujian snacks feel very good value, if you want to eat other snacks on the street, it is recommended that two people buy a bowl to eat, or else eat a shop will be full! meat swallows and swallows Yonghe fish balls Tongli meat Yan old shop diagonally opposite Yonghe fish balls, was founded in 1934, has a history of 84 years, both belong to the Chinese old name and Fujian Province Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Project, this store also bought a mixed mixture to try, 18 yuan, which has 4 fish balls, 4 meat swallows and a few pieces of fried meat-like stuff The signboard of this shop is fish balls, but to be honest, even the fish balls of the sign are not as delicious as the house of Lina. I am so surprised that I and my girlfriends have not finished eating, but they are in the store. The horseshoe cake and the raw sauted bag in the doorway area look better. Yonghe Fish Ball's Horseshoe Cake Yongwa Fish Ball
Posted: 23 May, 2019
Fudao is the forest stepping path of Fuzhou city, and the winding winding road is like a dragon in Fuzhou City. The ring line is 19 kilometers long and adopts the nation's first steel frame hollow design. The most beautiful step path, here you can connect with the walking path of several parks in Fuzhou, the forest trails built over the city. This is a place for the public to relax. Generally, morning walks and walks after meals will come here. Although Fudao is winding up the mountain, the slope is only 8°. It is relatively easy to walk and can satisfy the leisure of different people. Fitness, travel needs. Fudao, the whole line is 19 kilometers long, with a total of 10 entrances. The northeast connects the Zuohai Lake Road and the southwest to the Lijiang River. It traverses the mountain ridges such as Xiangshan, Houxianshan, Meifengshan and Jinniushan. It runs through Fuzhou's five major parks. The first urban landscape ecological leisure fitness corridor in Fuzhou. At the foot is the forest, and next to it is the canopy, as if "people are walking over the forest." Creative design comes from the Alexandria City Forest Trail Design Team in Singapore. Fudao has gradually become a new business card for our blessed state. Fuzhou's urban greening is also one of the best in China. You can see big banyan trees in a few steps and green everywhere. Its full of joy and the seasons are like spring. Very suitable for friends who are playing photography. Fudao has a total of 5 entrances, you can navigate to the nearest entrance.
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