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Lizhong Water Forest Park

Lizhong Water Forest ParkNearby City

4.5/51,155 Reviews
City Park
Lizhong Water Forest Park is a man-made ecological forest where various trees adapted to living in water, such as the pond cypress and dawn redwood, are planted. Economic products like taro and rapeseed are grown among the trees. The more than 10,000 pond cypresses, dawn redwoods, and other trees planted here have already matured into a dense, vigorous, garden on the water. Hop a wooden raft to shuttle through the waterways and view the many trees growing up out of the water. It is an eyeful of green, this natural oxygen bar, and a great place for city dwellers to get back to nature.
Zhuyuwan Scenic Spot

Zhuyuwan Scenic SpotNearby City

4.6/51,182 Reviews
7:00-17:00 last admission at 16:30 (Local time)
The Zhuyuwan Scenic Spot is located on the side of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal to the east of Yangzhou City. Therefore, there are curves ( means wan in Chinese) and in history, there were also villages with cornels (Zhuyu in Chinese), hence the name Zhuyuwan. Nowadays, the scenic spot integrates a zoo and a botanical garden. There are not many out-of-town tourists, mainly locals. They will bring their kids to see animals, have picnics, and enjoy the spring. There is a water-subduing tower in the town in the north. You can take a walk on the footpath along the canal in the scenic spot, looking at the boats sailing on the river with winds breezing.
Marco Polo Flower World

Marco Polo Flower WorldNearby City

4.5/5617 Reviews
Botanical Garden
09:00-17:30 last admission time: 16:30 (Monday-Friday); 08:30-18:00 last admission time: 17:00 (Saturday-Sunday) (Local time)
Marco Polo Flower World is located in Yangzhou, a famous city where the world-renowned explorer, Marco Polo, stayed for three years. The park follows Marco Polo's journey to the East, integrating floral art with history and culture. Different areas of the park are designed based on unique themes including the Venetian Garden, the Mediterranean Garden, and the Oriental Flower Fairyland.
Meiyuan (Plum Garden) along Fengchanghe River

Meiyuan (Plum Garden) along Fengchanghe RiverNearby City

4.6/5512 Reviews
City Park
Meiyuan (Plum Garden) along Fengchanghe River is home to tourist sites such as a square with a sitting statue of Mei Lanfang, a virtuoso perfomer of Peking Opera, an exhibition hall of historical records, a colonnade of Peking Opera, an antique-style opera stage, a rotunda in memorial of Mei Lanfang, and a waterside pavilion. In the exhibition hall, which has an oval-shaped plaza in front, can be seen numerous pictures showing and objects used by the maestro during his performances. Plum trees are everywhere in the park, and give off enchanting fragrance during early spring when they are in full bloom. The flowers are a thoughtful echo to the grand master's surname ("Mei", meaning plums in Chinese) and his moral rectitude just like the character of plum trees.
Nanjing Underwater World

Nanjing Underwater WorldNearby City

4.5/55,847 Reviews
8:30-17:00 (February 26-November 25); 9:00-16:30 (November 26-February 25) (Local time)
Nanjing Underwater World is located in the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum Scenic Area. The aquarium has over 10,000 animals representing over 200 species. It is home to 6 emperor penguins from Antarctica, over 20 warm-weather penguins, and over 30 marine mammals such as polar bears and arctic foxes. In the transparent tunnel, you can watch the thrilling “Dancing with Sharks” show or the colorful fairytale “Mermaids” show.
Hehuachi Park

Hehuachi ParkNearby City

4.5/541 Reviews
City Park
Happy Island

Happy IslandNearby City

4.6/5122 Reviews
Amusement Park
Located on Shiye Island in the Zhenjiang River, Happy Island is a theme park which features advanced technology and a relatively complete assortment of exciting activities from both inside and outside of China. Whether it's riding the rollercoasters, playing on the moonbounce jump, or swinging on the giant swings, everything here is safe, modern and exciting. There are several thematic areas inside the theme park including the Rhythm Belt, the Music Forest, Crazy Fantasyland, Green Fields Adventure Park and Carnival Symphonyland.
Chinese Dinosaur Park

Chinese Dinosaur ParkNearby City

4.5/532,502 Reviews
Theme Park
9:00-17:00 (Monday-Friday); 9:00-17:30 (Saturday, Sunday); (Restaurant opening hours until 13:30) (Local time)
China Dinosaurs Park is a dinosaur-themed integrated amusement park equipped with a variety of thrilling rides and entertaining performances. In the summer, there is a water animation park and a night park. You can try out the Fire Dragon Revelry to experience a high altitude pendulum ride, or board the “Jet Tower” and experience the exhilarating drop. There is also China's only 4D roller coaster that allows you to experience the thrill of speed and flying.
Wujindang Scenic Area

Wujindang Scenic AreaNearby City

4.3/537 Reviews
City Park
Wujindang Scenic Area is located in Wudou Corridor, Yingwu North Road, Xinghua, Taizhou. Wujindang gets its name after a legend that Chinese General Yue Fei shot off the black towel, pronounced as Wujin in Chinese, of Jin Wushu here. Here also locates Shangfang Temple built during the years of Emperor Chong Zhen in the Ming Dynasty. Surrounded by water, it is a famous water Buddhist resort. There are buildings such as Ciyun Bridge, Monastery Gate, Great Buddha’s Hall, Depository of Buddhist Sutras, and Jietai Temple.
Qinhu Lake Ocean World

Qinhu Lake Ocean WorldNearby City

4.6/5204 Reviews
Qinhu Lake Ocean World is situated in the Qinhu Lake Tourist Resort, a AAAAA tourist scenic area. It is divided into two main areas: the marine life display area and marine animal performance area. The marine life display area has a wide variety of marine life species and organisms, enabling tourists to stay in close contact with marine animals on the seabed. The regular mermaid show is warm and romantic. "Stars" such as dolphins and sea lions showcase their talents on the stage and interact with tourists, bringing unlimited surprises to tourists. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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