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Gold Coast,Recommendations
Kurrawa Beach
The Gold Coast is made up of dozens of large and small beaches, most of which are the three beaches of Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Main Beach. In fact, the three beaches are also connected and the beach scenery is exactly the same, the difference is the corresponding shore city scenery and facilities. Surfers Paradise, known as the Southern Hemisphere of Miami, is a major gathering place for tourists. There are many food shopping streets, shopping malls, DFS, bars, etc. on the inside of the beach. Leisure and entertainment usually lasts until midnight, and it is also a pilgrimage site for surfers around the world. . In comparison, Broadbeach and Maine beaches are quieter and the open beaches are perfect for spreading and sunbathing. Among them, Meiyin Beach is the quietest and tourists are scarce, and local surfers are almost always riding the wind and waves at Main Beach. Location: Located in the north of Surfers Tianlang Beach. Highlights: A lot of surfers gather here to ride the wind and waves. Tickets: Free Gold Coast surfing is somewhat different from what I imagined. Instead of relying solely on surfboards, it is a paragliding surf, also known as kite surfing. It is connected to the human body through a large inflatable bracket kite. A sport that sails on the surface of a kite board or surfboard. It is said that the sport has only developed for more than a decade, but it is currently the fastest growing sport in water sports. Enjoy these people who are on the sea, eager to live their lives, to cultivate a hobby with their own life, plus the unique environmental advantages of the Gold Coast.
Gold Coast,Recommendations
Warner Bros Movie World
Australia's Gold Coast's most valuable fare amusement park - Warner Movie World Gold Coast on the first day gave us the super-looking Warner movie world, the Gold Coast side of the amusement park tickets cost is too high, I am Tickets for renting a car include: Gold Coast Warner Movie World / Sea World / Paradise Farm / Wild Water World Tickets / Packages only 450 / person, cheap to cry, 30 minutes drive from Surfers Paradise, free at the door The parking lot, the printing of the tickets, from the first to the first paradise to be valid within 14 days park is not a lot of people, than the previous Universal Studios, Disney people are much less, so it is not very anxious Going to line up to play the project, the thrilling roller coaster area, this area is the left hand side after entering the door, the essence of Warner movie world, the most exciting roller coaster area of the super hard box 1. Batman spacecraft jumper, the ride time is only 30s, The feeling of weightlessness is a stimulating feeling 2. The Green Lantern roller coaster is not the best score here, but it is the highest roller coaster here, curved There are more roads, 8 people's cars are out, the weight loss will be more and more, the posture is also a lot, very fun, the speed is 66 km 3.DC competitor roller coaster, the longest in Warner movie world The roller coaster is the ultimate killer. It can't be seen at a time. It is 115 kilometers per hour, and it is very long and enjoyable 4. Superman roller coaster. The ride experience is super cool. The speed of this roller coaster is the fastest. The whole journey is only half a minute before departure. After the countdown began on the radio, my heart was not ready to fly, and the speed exploded, the adrenaline arrogance 5. The Arkham Mental Hospital frantically reversed the roller coaster, and the feet were suspended when riding. There is a wave of weightlessness, and this roller coaster is not so fast, but it will squeeze the body to smash it, all kinds of abuse, haha, a veritable mental illness roller coaster children's paradise is also very interesting, The area is small, but the facilities are very compact, children can play, facilities do not have to line up, you can always The children's paradise here is similar to Universal Studios. It is more common. Rotating cake cups, small jumping machines, small racing cars, etc. super exciting Hollywood stunts, two games a day, must not be missed, reproduce The car specials in the movie scene will also have audience interaction, the whole performance is very consistent, like shooting a real movie, a picture of a picture, and then according to the participation of different audiences on the day, as well as on-site interaction, presents a unique A short film most anticipated float parade, all visitors gathered at the central square at 3:30 in the afternoon, very enjoyable, all cartoon characters, superheroes, the most exciting time is up, raise the camera to find a good perspective Ready to pat it
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