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Haikou | New Experience in the City Center | Langham Hotel The 8th Hotel in Langham, Hong Kong Come and experience the gorgeous five-star upscale / Haikou Five Star Hotel is one of the few compared to Ritz-Carlton It is more convenient and comfortable service level is in line with expectations / is located in Haikou's core business district perfect continuation Brand tonality and style European luxury marble decoration elegant high-grade fabric with rich and magnificent space layout / [prestige elegant - lobby] brilliant line design Bright and white crystal chandelier Langham exclusive Pan Tong color charming low luxury fresh fragrance / [low-key luxury - room type] occupancy type: deluxe room Room size: 48m2 pink girl card & menu floor city center view room business and holiday complex with exclusive static night bed soft comfort Just right bathroom finishing full marble floor metal structure line decoration lying in the bath bath put the Buddha in the European small palace Ting bathroom supplies famous spa brand Chuan light fragrance, moisturizing type / [exquisite atmosphere-common area] pool 5th floor infinity pool City view and seascape horizon fusion gym 5th floor pediatric boutique fitness space SPA 5th floor unique five-line special treatment lobby bar 43 floor uninhabited family exclusive private holy place / Hh / by window position direct Wan Green Park & Century Bridge / [English Orthodox - afternoon tea] 1st floor lobby to enjoy Wedgwood English afternoon tea can eat orthodox in Haikou Cream Cones is only Langham! ! ! / [five-star entry price] 1000/night (including double breakfast) 298/afternoon tea 350/bar photograph holy place: small Powder car first floor gallery pool bar room floor window from the earth's most intimate red face bloggers reminder: 1- afternoon tea group buy 2- afternoon tea sofa is easy to book, advance reservation 3- swimming, remember to swim with a oh 4- Trip can be directly booked 5 - any Haikou attractions Raiders can be Ask me
Hainan Sanya came to the creative cuisine. I didn't think there was such a restaurant in Sanya. It was very interesting from decoration to food. The restaurant has two floors. We chose to sit upstairs. Because it has just passed Halloween, there is a Halloween spider web decoration in the store~ The first one is naturally fried ice, which is definitely in Sanya. Essential thing! Today, I ordered the fried ice of dragon fruit. There are also many dragon fruit in Guangxi. But I didn't expect Sanya's dragon fruit to be so sweet. After making the fried ice, the entrance is instant, and it tastes great! Next, this is the signature dish. This shop has a superb barbecue platter, large pieces of meat and ribs. It is very real. It needs to be picked up with gloves and served with the boss's secret sauce to make the meat have a hearty taste. feel! There is another crab mango salad, as a salad lover, mango with salad is really wonderful! Next up is my favorite! The best durian pizza! This durian pizza is very mellow, with fresh nostalgia, and the cheese adds a mellow taste. This is really making me love the durian. Another signature fruit-roasted Wenchang chicken is different from the traditional Wenchang chicken. Its shape is very cool and very fragrant. Unfortunately, it is a bit late. My stomach has been occupied by pork ribs and durian cheese. The boys partners are Said that I like this more~ This meal made us all four guys have a round belly, squatting on the chair, except for "good food!" "Good enough!"
Qiongtai Academy
Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province, is a thousand-year-old city with many cultural monuments scattered throughout the city. Fucheng is the most concentrated area of ancient monuments. Qiongshan County, the former residence of Qiongzhou Prefecture, is part of Haikou City today. In the cultural monuments, Qiongtai Academy can be said to be the originator of Hainan education. Before setting up a university in Hainan Province, Qiongtai College is the highest institution in the province. This school is the first big man in Hainan to commemorate the Ming Dynasty. Qiu Yu was built, Qiu Yu No. Qiongtai, known as Mr. Qiongtai. Qingtai College was founded in the 44th year of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1705). In the following 200 years, all Hainan talented people have to go through the Qiongtai Academy and cultivate a large number of scholars. Now the Qiongtai Academy and the Qiongtai Teachers College are together and walk into the quaint school gate. On the left is the Qiongtai Academy. Now it is a tourist attraction. You need to buy tickets, but as long as 4 yuan, there are almost no tourists. . The atmosphere in the college is elegant, the trees are shaded, the building is simple and there are local ethnic characteristics. I think that there will always be a sound of reading in the year, and now the bustling commercial street is outside the wall. The main building of the college is called Kuixing Building, which was built in the 18th year of Qianlong. The second floor of the building, green tile, red gallery and white wall, is a brick and wood structure with ethnic characteristics, which is well preserved.
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