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Popular Attractions in Hallstatt

Lake Hallstatt
296 Reviews
Among the lakes in the Salzkammergut region, Lake Hallstatt is a tourist destination rich in spiritual meaning. In the early morning, the lake is occasionally covered in a thin mist, when out of nowhere arises a skiff, provoking countless ripples upon the calm lake. The evening lakeshore is even more charming, with red and yellow leaves scattered across the mountains, as swans and ducks float upon the water and forage for food. On the shore there's also a coffee house decorated with sprays of flowers. These are all a part of the beautiful scenery of Hallstatt.
Gosaumühlstraße 67
64 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Observation Deck
Gosaumühlstraße 67,4830 Hallstatt
Hallstatt and Altausee Salt Mine
86 Reviews
Historical Site
Salzbergstraße 21, 4830 Hallstatt
Central Square
59 Reviews

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26 May, 2020
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28 May, 2020
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29 May, 2020
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Trip Moments

Shirley Zhu   
The half-mountain Catholic Church is the most important church in the town of Hallstatt. More than 60% of Hallstatt's population believes in Catholicism. On the side of the church is the town's cemetery, which also includes Protestant and other believers. Due to the limited cemetery in the town, the elderly gradually became crowded. Later, there was a rule, the ancestors gave way to future generations, and the skulls of the ancestors stayed in the church for a tribute. More than 600 skulls are stacked together, with the name of the elegant font, the date of birth and death, and the pattern of the cross and the rose. In addition to the solemnity, there is still a special warmth. This is the origin of the human bone chamber. This is a special history of Hallstatt, respect and sincerity to life. Half-mountain is also a good place to overlook the town and the Protestant church. In addition to the postcard perspective that everyone is looking for, it offers another possibility for us to see the town, with a unique view. The cemetery in front of the human bone hall, the flowers are in full bloom, there is no traditional concept in the gloomy, the living people can sleep here, must be very happy. The human bones are very small, and the door is guarded by a special person. Before entering, you will be given a ticket for 3 Euro/2 people. The staff will ask you for your nationality and send a brochure for the corresponding language. Entering the tomb, no one else explains, except for thinking and remembering, all your understanding of the human bones comes from this book. Because Hallstatt is a mountain lake, the land is expensive, so the burial place is very limited. After 10 years of burial, the dead bones will be removed from the tomb and placed in the skeleton hall in the cave on the mountain. It has been growing for a long time, and many bones are piled up here. The skull was processed and several symbolic patterns were drawn on it. The patterns represent: oak leaves - glorious; laurel leaves - victory; ivy - life; rose - love. The skulls are arranged in units of the family, with the name of the deceased and the date of death. All the skulls that have been moved to the body will get their consent before the deceased, which lasted for 1600 years. Whether it is a living or a dead person, there is a kind of respect and awe. Originally felt so small and sturdy, the bones filled with skulls must be more gloomy. But in fact, not only is there a little bit of gloom, but it is full of warmth. Perhaps the life here is too happy, and everyone feels happy to say goodbye to the world. The only thing here is the appreciation of art and the admiration of the ancient Hallstatt.
Posted: 5 Jul, 2019
Posted: 28 Dec, 2017
I don't know when it started, Hallstatt became the most beautiful town in the country. In the famous postcard photo, she stands on the lake, surrounded by mountains, and the wooden houses are row upon row. The towering tower is towering, and a cloud of clouds is moored on the mountainside. It has a sense of paradise. Sometimes a photo has such magic power, it will make your wild grass grow wild, carry the bag up, and set off immediately. I live in the small town of Seehotel Grner Baum, which is next to Lake Harstita and has a huge terrace. Get up in the morning and walk a few minutes to the end of the town to walk to the postcard location. At this turn, the town is displayed in front of the world in a perfect arc. The lake is like a mirror, the mountains are undulating, the fog is smashing, everything is like a new life. The early swan is not lonely, fluttering to wake the lake, and the twitching sun slowly caresses the hills and spires. But unfortunately, throughout the morning, there was no cloud in the sky, and the picture lost the mysterious agility. The sky is late, the tour group looks far and wide, and the town is sullenly vomiting. Only then can we appreciate the beauty of her wild lily. The valley is quiet, the lake is deep, the clouds are in the heart, and the birds come back. Set up the camera and lean on the water, like waiting for a date. When the last sun passed away, the mountain wind calmed down, the sky showed a beautiful and cold blue tone, the lights gradually lit up, accompanied by the shadow they were stretched in the water, dreamy and ethereal, but it is regrettable that it is still cloudless. .
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