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Virgin SpringNearby City

Virgin Spring

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Ranked #9 in Weinan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:30am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Last weekend, I made two friends, went to the long-famous Qiachuan Scenic Area, a glimpse of the enchanted scenery of the ten-li lotus pond. After arriving at Heyang County, take the Heyang-Qiachuan Bus to the scenic spot, in fact it is very convenient. I went to know, in fact, there are many interesting attractions. The most comfortable is the hot spring bath, but this season is the most eye-friendly is the beautiful scenery of the ten-li lotus pond! It is said that in the virgin spring, a period of Zhou Wenwang and Qiachuan beautiful woman - Taiyue pure love. The water temperature is 32℃ perennially, because it is open-air, it seems a bit difficult to launch in winter, but it is a good thing not to enter the water this season. Although can not swim, dragging the swimming ring carefully into the water, only to find that the water is not sinking at all, the spring water does not stop to pour out, particularly comfortable, or feel more for a while, by the way to see the surrounding reed. Not very much know rare birds, but I really saw the red-crowned cranes in rest, white swans in forage. "Bath" after, hurried to see lotus. Walking through the Yiren Bridge, 10 miles of lotus pond into the eye. June lotus flower does not "take the heaven lotus leaves infinite blue" vast, but "the lotus leaves five inches lotus flower, the paste wave is not hinder the boat. Xiang Feng Feng four or five months, can also cover the beautiful waist." Also beautiful! Look out, that a touch of green floating on the water. Whether it is the blooming lotus, or the buds, are in this turquoise background, appear particularly charming. Red like fire, pink like the xia, white so pure, yellow so light... a breeze floating past, send a fragrance, live up to the breeze of the mind, quickly deep suck a few mouth, the whole person feels sweet. Step forward, shake off the selfie of friends, as if this whole lotus pond like I alone, anything can think or don't want, in the week want to do what to say, now can be regardless, alone enjoy this belongs to me and the quiet. Of course, we do not dislike the Guo Wu Chuang at all, very understand, so-called "the neck of the huai water busy", perhaps busy did not realize that I was watching them. The beauty of lotus flower lies not only in her brightness, but also in her untainted character, and mainly in this fertile Yellow River wetland. Riverside natural ecology is charming, fish and shrimp rich, birds rare. Create beautiful water and flowers more beautiful natural scenery. "Lotus love, with whom to give"? Look at the water more green, reed more crisp, look out, million mu reed, see the bottom. The sunset, reeds rippled golden waves, lotus pond colors, very sad, just to enjoy the beautiful scenery, forgot to take photos, haha! In short, Qiachuan is still worth visiting! Decisively like one!"