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About Hanzhong

Hanzhong (汉中), in southwestern Shaanxi Province, is a well-known historical and cultural city that Liu Bang, Zhuge Liang, and other historical figures used as a military base. Many monuments to history, including the “Two Hans, Three Kingdoms” cultural heritage site, can be seen in Hanzhong. The ecosystem of Hanzhong is excellent and has earned the area the nickname the “Little Lower Yangtze of the Northwest.” The South Lake Scenic Area in Hanzhong is beautiful and made even more alluring by the simple, rustic architecture found here.

Popular Attractions in Hanzhong

Hanzhong Shimen Catwalk Scenic Area
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The Shimen (“stone gate”) Catwalk Scenic Area is about 15 kilometers north of Hanzhong City. The original Shimen Catwalk was inundated in 1969 so that reservoir repairs could be undertaken. Later, a recreation of the original ancient Shimen Catwalk was built and raised 70 meters above the original. The replica Shimen Catwalk is almost 3 kilometers long and built exactly like the original. The remains of an official travel stop, courier station, and loading station in the style of the Han era have even been restored. The scenic area has entrance gates on both the east and west sides of the Bao River. Most visitors enter from the western entrance.
Museum of Hanzhong
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Museum of Hanzhong, also known as the ancient Hantai, is in the downtown area of Hanzhong City and has three courtyards that ascend from south to north. The museum displays artworks under multiple themes, such as 13 stone carvings in Shimen Cave, the ancient plank road and ancient celebrities’ calligraphy and painting. The museum houses many cultural relics, and the appealing natural scenery and time-honored cultural landscape are impressive.
Baijiang Temple
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Historical Site
Baijiang Temple, also known as Baijiang Terrace, consists of two soil platforms on both the south and the north sides of Nanhuan Mid Road. Legend has it that Baijiang Temple was built when Liu Bang appointed Hanxin as the general of Han, and held an appointment ceremony. It showed that Liu Bang cherished talents. Thanks to this Baijiang Temple, the military talent, Han Xin took part in the war between Chu and Han, and fully indicated his talent, and assisted Liu Bang to win his reign. To some extent, Baijiang Temple is the foundation for the Han Dynasty.
Yinma Pool
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Yinma Pool, also known as East Lake, is located in Zhongshan Street, Hantai District, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province. It is one of the eight scenic areas in Hanzhong. Its name comes from the legend that Liu Bang had once watered his horses at the pool. Three pavilions have been built beside the pool. Their shapes are very intricate. When they are reflected in the rippling lake water, it looks as if you can see the scene of the army of Emperor of Han Liubang watering their horses and washing themselves beside Yinma Pool.

Hanzhong Weather

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Trip Moments

Travel master cao   
Tiantai Mountain Forest Park is located in Wuxiang, Hantai District, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province. The mountains and rivers in the park are steep and steep, the forests are dense, and the waterfalls are connected. The entrance to the scenic atmosphere is free to enter with the annual ticket, but the car that wants to climb the mountain has to purchase a separate bus ticket. Self-driving cars can't climb. The road that continues to spread in the mountains, the distance to the mountains is relatively long, even if driving, it will take about half an hour. Tiantai Mountain is known as the first mountain in southern Shaanxi. It is a combination of singularity, danger, ancient and beautiful. The mountain is majestic, steep and steep, with layers of layers and imposing views. Halfway up the scenic spot, you can continue to the observation deck on the other side, or take the cable car or climb to the top of the mountain. The famous Tiantai Mountain lies in its unique landscape. The Qing Dynasty is as strict as the poem "The Cang Cangfeng Peak is set up, and the new road on the dangerous road is old. The ground narrow temple is turned with the peak stone, and the The observation platform can be seen in the mountains. When the observation deck is not in use, it is not maintained. The 18th scene of the Tiantai is famous, the landscape is beautiful, the fun is full of life, some are absolutely dangerous, some are elegant and elegant, some are beautiful and euphemistic, some are cold and arrogant, each landscape is accompanied by a magical legend, exudes fascinating charm. Traveling to Hanzhong, the Tiantaishan attractions are still not to be missed.
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